(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner aged 83. In 1997, I was in critical condition, and was rescued by Master from the verge of death. Since then, my wife and I have embarked on the path of returning to the true essence of cultivation. I’m telling people my experience, so as to validate the Fa, let people know of Master’s benevolence, and thank Master for his blessing.

I fainted and was taken to the hospital by my family for emergency treatment in June 1997. I was initially diagnosed as having suffered from cerebral thrombosis. After being rescued, I woke up, discovering that my body was paralyzed. After another consultation with experts, it was found that my cervical spine were severely misaligned and compressing the nerves.

At that time, I could move my mouth and my eyes could see, but my body was paralyzed, and I could not take care of myself. It was a hot June day, yet I felt coldness all over me. Not only could the doors and windows not be opened, but there were thick curtains surrounding my bed. It was unbearable.

I longed for a specialist to save me, but all I could expect was one critical illness notice after another. I was inching closer and closer towards death. With the experts at their wits’ end, I could only silently turn to the blessings of God and Buddha in my heart, longing for the appearance of a miracle.

One afternoon, my sister, who was already practicing Dafa, brought me the life-saving book Zhuan Falun. My wife had just read a few pages to me, and I already felt refreshed. I was pleasantly surprised, as I realized that I was saved! From the bottom of my heart, I said to my wife, “I want to practice when I get well!” And the miracle appeared immediately – the cold wind that pierced my bones was gone! After cultivating, I realized that it was Master who saw my determination to practice and took me back from death.

It was a fantasy for my paralyzed body to move even a little at that time. But after dinner that day, I thought: I want to sit up and study the Fa. As a result, I actually sat up against the quilt with my wife's help! I knew that I have Master by my side. Master has always watched over me since then. I had a good night’s sleep that night. This is something that I haven’t had for a long time.

The miracle happened again the next morning. I could get up by myself, and walk from the bed to the bathroom with my wife's help. I started taking care of myself! After lunch, I thought to go downstairs. Accompanied by my wife, I walked down the stairs from the tenth floor to the fifth floor, one step at a time. My wife was afraid that I would be tired and asked me to come back. So, I went up the stairs, step by step. I improved some every day, and every day was different. I was discharged soon after.

My wife and I immediately began to study the Fa and do the exercises after I returned home. At the beginning, I could only stand against the bed, and do the exercises with her help. I would sweat profusely after the first four exercises. I knew that this was Master cleansing my body.

Sure enough, after two days, I was able to do the exercises by myself. A few days later, I had to remove pus and blood for several hours. I knew that this was Master purifying my body again. I gave away all the valuable medicines I had, worth more than 4,000 yuan. I haven’t taken a single pill since then.

With only a few days of doing the Dafa exercises, without spending a penny, I returned from the verge of death. This is the miraculous and wonderful fact of Dafa that I witnessed firsthand.