(Minghui.org) Since Falun Dafa was introduced to the world 30 years ago, many people have learned about and benefited from Dafa. I would like to share the stories of two of my relatives, whose lives were saved by Dafa. They thank Master Li, the founder of Dafa, for his compassionate salvation, and hope that more people can learn the wonder of Dafa. 

End-Stage Bone Cancer Patient Gets a New Lease on Life

My husband’s older sister’s husband worked in a military factory in Sichuan Province. He developed bone cancer due to years of exposure to chemicals. His wife was notified by the oncologist that her husband only had two to three months left, since the cancer had already metastasized to his stomach. He could not even swallow a tiny bit of bun. The doctor suggested chemotherapy, but he turned it down. 

My brother-in-law was looking for Falun Dafa, since someone had told him that it could save people. He came to the city where his son worked, but he could not find any practitioners there. On his way home, he stopped by to visit his mother and happened to run into me, who practices Falun Dafa. 

After I introduced some basic information about Falun Dafa, he immediately began learning the exercises and studying the Fa teachings. Amazingly, he could eat a small bun the next day. Because of the bone cancer, his limbs were extremely weak and had very limited range of motion. He basically stood there and moved his arms around. His movements were hardly accurate, but he persevered in learning and following my movements. 

From that day on, he studied the Fa and exercised with me daily. After five months, my brother-in-law's bone cancer was gone and he was able to go with me to sightsee and climb mountains. 

One day, when he was exercising with the local exercise group, he suddenly developed severe stomach pain. Fellow practitioners took him home and I asked if he wanted to go to the hospital. He declined, so I suggested we watch Master’s Fa lectures. 

When he heard Master talk about the relationship between practitioners’ physical discomfort and karma elimination, he understood. “I used to have kidney stones, and Master is getting rid of the stones for me!” The stones later indeed came out of his body. When he showed us the kidney stones in a glass jar, everyone was amazed!

When my brother-in-law returned to his factory, his supervisor and co-workers could not believe that he was still alive.

Dafa Save My Aunt Who Had Advanced Uterine Caner

My Aunt Wen had an argument with her daughter-in-law and her blood pressure shot up as a result. She was hospitalized, and a CT scan showed that she had uterine cancer, which was already in the late stages and had metastasized.

Her children told me about her condition and I went to visit her in the hospital. I told her, “I knew that you were upset with your family, but if you learn forbearance, you might not get angry, and your blood pressure won’t get out of control, right?”

“You are right. What should I do?” she responded.

“You might want to listen to Master Li’s Fa lectures which talk about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. You might learn a great deal from the lectures,” I replied. I left her an MP3 that contained all the lectures. 

After three days of listening to Dafa lectures, my aunt had another CT scan, and the doctor was stunned to find that the cancer cells were under control. They operated on her to remove the remaining tumor and she recovered very fast. The pathology result showed that all the cancer cells were removed. My aunt was ecstatic that Dafa saved her life.

During the entire process, my aunt kept reciting the auspicious phrases, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She not only overcame this life-death illness, but all her other ailments, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, were also gone!

* * * * * * *

Falun Dafa is extraordinary and magnificent, and its mighty power reaches both the macrocosm and the microcosm. The cases detailed in this article are just a tiny manifestation of the power of Dafa on the level of the secular world. While Dafa can bring blessings to humankind, Dafa’s extraordinariness and magnificence are more for people to return to their true origins.