(Minghui.org) Throughout my childhood, I remembered seeing my mother lying in bed every day. Those days, my mother ate food on the bench by the head of her bed. Struggling to support her body with her arms, she would take a bite and rest for a while. She’d frown in pain, hand on her stomach and exhaling constantly as if she had endless gas in her. I hardly ever saw my mother standing.

Our home always reeked of Chinese medicine. Most of the containers in our kitchen were jars of various sizes used for boiling medicine. The gauze wrapped around the lids would cause the smell to linger. I asked curiously, “Mom, does it taste good? Why do you have to drink so many bowls every day?” My mother sighed, saying “I can’t help it. I want to get well, so I have to drink the medicine even if it’s difficult to stomach.”

Gradually, I understood that my mother was seriously sick. Her illness wasn’t a mere cold or fever; she couldn’t be cured with tablets or injections. As a child, I always wished that one day my mother could hold my hand and send me off to school like other mothers. Sadly, this wish never came true and left a wound in my childhood.

Specialist: “There Is No Precedent for Your Disease’s Cure!”

When my mother was pregnant, her body didn’t have sufficient nutrients to nurture her babies, resulting in premature births of me and my twin sister, who weighed in at 1.6 kg each. We were put into incubators for a week, and later discharged from the hospital. At this moment, the head nurse said, “We have seen too many examples of premature babies getting sick. I doubt if your twins would survive.”

Although our family circumstances weren’t ideal, my mother did not give up and tried her best to take good care of us. She had no breast milk. And as premature babies, we were not strong enough to drink formula from a bottle. Instead, Mom would drop the formula little by little from a syringe into our mouths, once every three hours, and each feeding took thirty minutes. We visited the hospital often since we had low immunity and were often sick. You can imagine how much hard work was involved.

With the added stress of work and chores, my mother couldn’t stand it any longer and collapsed.

This situation was quite serious, so our father took time off work to accompany mother to the hospital. The county hospital doctor said that he had never encountered this condition and recommended a big hospital in Hefei City, Anhui Province. However, the Hefei doctor said the same thing, and recommended hospitals in Beijing or Shanghai. After much asking around, our father got in touch with a top gynecological specialist in Shanghai who was willing to treat Mom.

My mother went to Shanghai with the hope that she would be saved. The specialist explained that Mom’s disease was rare and needed a consultation. Eventually, he dropped the results on us like a bomb. He said mother’s problem was a very difficult one, something related to vascular congestion. Although there are reported cases in other countries, there is no precedent of cured cases around the world!

She got more desperate as the specialist, in his weekly visit of the ward, would warmly speak with other patients, yet would always pass by her bed without a word. She could not sleep all night and on several occasions was tempted by the idea of ending her life. But thinking of her children, elderly parents and husband who had to work all day and look after us, she pushed through the suffering.

Lifted Out of Despair and Beginning a New Life

After returning home from Shanghai, my mother still insisted on drinking Chinese medicine. In hopes of recovering, she performed sword rituals and practiced all kinds of Qigong, but nothing helped much. When my sister and I just started junior high school, she collapsed once again and was bedridden. This time, we could really feel her despair, and our family returned to darker days.

Numerous times, mom would hold our hands and tell us breathlessly, “I am really not going to make it this time. When I’m no longer around, you two must take good care of yourselves.” My grandma, who was also sick, would walk to our house with her very swollen legs to cook dinner and boil medicine for us.

We suffered day by day in fear of losing our mom at any moment, hoping for a miracle. Many times after finishing school, we would cry helplessly together in a corner, as we never shed our tears in front of mom. The first thing we did when arriving home was to run to our mom’s room to see if she was still alive.

Grandma was looking for folk prescriptions everywhere that might save Mom’s life. She always asked herself, “Is it true that my girl won’t make it? Am I, the white-haired one, really going to see the black-haired girl depart before me?”

Heaven never bars one’s way. One day by chance, my grandma found a Falun Dafa flyer in front of her home. The introduction described the practice as having miraculous effects on healing and fitness. Grandma showed it to Mom, asking if she would like to try it. After a quick read through, mom put it aside, thinking most likely it wouldn’t help, much like other qigong methods.

One day as grandma was washing her clothes, she suddenly heard someone opening the front door of her house. Grandma turned her head and was shocked to see my mother standing there!

Grandma jumped up with both her feet off the ground, eyes wide open, and asked with a strong and excited voice, “How did you get here?!” Mom said that after sleeping, she felt that she had the energy to get up. So she got up, cooked lunch, and decided to walk to grandma’s house since she hadn’t visited her for a long time.

Mom also felt strange afterwards: what was the reason? After falling sick again, she continued drinking Chinese medicine as usual with little improvement. Apart from that, she hadn’t done anything new; all she’d done was lay at home. Could it have been the brief introduction of Falun Dafa? The flyer she put aside the other day, she only had a simple read and hoped it was true, and it worked? How could it be so amazing? She would never have believed it if she hadn’t experienced it herself, because she hadn’t even started to learn and practice it. How could it have healed her illnesses?!

Later, my mother learned the Falun Dafa exercises and did them every day. She threw out her medicine and never needed to drink them again. The disease never returned and she never visited the hospital again. This incurable disease had miraculously disappeared just like that!

With Mom healthy at home, it’s a warm home. My mom wishes that more people suffering from illnesses can also know more about Falun Dafa! She wishes they can all be healthy and well.