(Minghui.org) Before practicing Falun Dafa, I was terminally ill with cancer. Doctors told me that I only had three months to live. 

At that point, I also had gallstones, chronic nephritis, bone spurs on my cervical spine, and a host of other problems. Every day felt like hell. 

Previously, I had undergone two surgeries for breast cancer. As the first surgery was delayed, the cancer cells spread to half of my body. The second surgery involved removing a large part of my breast. Due to a mistake in the surgical treatment phase, the cancer cells metastasized to the bone. An isotope test revealed that my bones had turned black in three areas. 

As my body was too weak to undergo chemotherapy, I was given radiotherapy. After a period of time, the doctor said that the cancer had already reached an advanced stage, so there was nothing more the hospital could do. They asked me to give up on treatment.

In order to keep me alive, my family visited five more hospitals. All of these hospitals, whether they were small or large, could do nothing for me due to the late stage of the cancer. They told me to spend the last three months of my life at home. 

When I got home, I couldn’t sit, stand, or sleep. As soon as I ate something, I would vomit. No matter how many sleeping pills I took, I couldn’t even manage to sleep for an hour. I relied on my family to help me around the house, day and night, and I was so tired and uncomfortable that all I wanted was to find a rope and hang myself. 

My son knelt down and begged me, “Mom, you can’t give up on life. We’ll do everything we can to help you get better.”

Encountering Falun Dafa

At this hopeless moment in 1998, a friend who practiced Falun Dafa told my husband and me that Falun Dafa could eliminate diseases. The friend suggested that we give the practice a try. 

My husband borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun (the main text of Falun Dafa) from that friend and was very excited after he read the book, saying that there was hope for me and we should learn Falun Dafa together. However, I chose to place my hopes on another qigong master that my son had found for me instead. 

That qigong master treated me with the hand-grabbing method, and after more than ten days of treatment and spending four thousand yuan, I didn’t see any improvements—in fact, I nearly died. Finally, he set up an incense burner and covered all of my windows with paper, forbidding me to see the sunlight or anyone else. 

During that time, my husband finished reading Zhuan Falun and felt that we shouldn’t trust that other qigong master, and told him not to come anymore.

The next day, my husband went to practice Falun Dafa. On the same night, his sore throat, which had been with him for many years, stopped hurting. He fell asleep in less than a minute after going to bed, and did not wake up until five o’clock the next morning. 

Before he started practicing Falun Dafa, he also suffered from chronic laryngitis, chronic enteritis, early cirrhosis of the liver, an enlarged spleen, generalized rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and a chronic sore throat. He could only sleep for two hours at night before his throat would wake him up. Because of this long-term sleep deprivation, he often dozed off during the day. But after he took up Dafa, his throat has never been sore again.

Within the first week of practicing Dafa, my husband felt a relapse of his enteritis during the sitting meditation and had the urge to go to the restroom. He thought that he should finish the exercises and go to the toilet when he got back home. But once he had this thought, he didn’t need to go to the restroom anymore. 

As soon as he entered the house, however, he ran straight to the restroom. That day he had diarrhea several times, as if all the dirty things in his stomach were being cleaned out. The next morning, his stool was normal. Since then, he has no longer suffered enteritis, and the other diseases in his body have been cured too. 

In the past, he had rheumatism and had to wear a waistband during autumn to prevent back pain. After practicing Falun Dafa, he no longer has to wear a waistband when he practices outdoors. His body became light and energetic.

Swelling in My Body Disappeared in Less Than Ten Days

When I saw my husband’s miraculous recovery, my respect for Master and Dafa grew. I followed my husband’s path and started to do the exercises with fellow practitioners. 

The energy field at the practice site was very powerful, and while listening to the exercise music and watching others practice, my mind went blank. The heavy mental burden of all of my illnesses vanished instantly. 

In less than ten days, the swelling in my body disappeared. My yellow complexion became rosy and smooth, and all the symptoms of not being able to sleep, sit, or eat were all gone. 

I couldn’t raise my right hand after my surgery. But after doing the exercises for ten days, I was able to lift my right hand and complete the whole set of five exercises together with everyone else. 

Many more amazing things happened to my body. I saw Faluns turning everywhere around my body: on top of my head, on my abdomen, and on my teeth. My body was pumping air outward, just like pumping bicycle tires. The only difference was that you pump air into a tire, while my body felt like something was being pumped out. There was no sound, but I could feel the pumping power. 

I knew that Master was purifying my body, and I was so grateful to Master!

The Vanishing Gallstones

At the beginning, I didn’t understand the relationship between illness and karma. When my gallstones hurt, I would go to the hospital to get a injection of painkillers. 

One of my friends suggested that I go to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor found that I was allergic to all anti-inflammatory drugs, so I couldn’t undergo the operation. 

I knew Master was giving me a hint that I shouldn’t have the surgery. If I were not allergic to the drugs, I would have had the cholecystectomy. It was Master who saved my gallbladder. 

But since I didn’t understand that practitioners should guide themselves according to higher principles, I didn’t improve my xinxing on this issue, so the tribulation returned. One month after I got home, I had biliary pain again. It was so painful that I was rolling around in bed, so my husband suggested I go get an injection in the hospital. 

I said I wouldn’t go. In less than half a minute after I said that, I felt I had to go to the restroom. And after that, I felt very sleepy. I went to bed and slept until seven o’clock the next morning. I never had any issues with my gallbladder since.

After a month, I went to the hospital for an ultrasound and found that all of the gallstones were gone.

Purifying My Body

Once, when I saw a fly land on the food at home, I picked up the fly swatter and chased it down. However, I missed the fly and twisted my hand backwards, which caused unbearable pain. I felt as if it had triggered all the cancer cells in my body. 

My son sent me to the hospital for an isotope test. The hospital required me to have an injection before the test, but the needle would not go in. I still didn’t realize that it was a xinxing test for me and that I was not really sick. The doctor prescribed two more pills for me to take, then did the isotope test, and found that my bones were black where the cancer had metastasized. The doctor told me to pay 15,000 yuan up front for my hospital admission. 

As I remained firm that I didn’t want to be hospitalized, I could feel multiple places on my body pumping air outward, the same as last time. I knew that Master was helping me cleanse my body from the core. 

I told my son, “Let’s hurry home. I have a feeling that Master is helping me purify my body.” 

On the way home, I gradually felt less pain and fell asleep in the car. When I returned home, I had no pain at all, as if nothing had happened.

Now, 24 years have passed since my husband and I started to practice Dafa, and my cancer never relapsed. Master gave me a new life. When I walk, I feel as if someone is pushing me; no matter how far I walk and how many stairs I climb, I don’t feel tired. No words could express my gratituo Master. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!