(Minghui.org) My mother had two tumors in her chest in July 2017. When I rushed to Tianjin to visit her, she was already hospitalized. She had systemic edema and she could barely open her eyes. My brother told me that the tumors were growing in her heart and lungs, which were causing pleural effusion.

Having practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years, I have witnessed many practitioners recover from incurable terminal diseases. I urged my mother to recite the auspicious phrases, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” telling her that it could help her.

My mother took it very seriously and she began to recite the phrases right away. Three days later, her edema disappeared and the excess fluid in her chest was also gone. She regained some energy and her appetite. She also got out of bed and walked around in the hallway.

The doctor told my brother that they could operate on her for about 350,000 yuan but that they couldn’t guarantee the surgery would be successful. When my brother asked for my opinion, I objected to the surgery, as she was 75 and the risk was too high. I suggested letting her practice Dafa instead.

After some consideration, my brother still decided to go ahead with the operation. On the day of the surgery, August 2, the doctors changed their minds and said they couldn’t operate on her due to her age. They took a sample from the tumors for testing. But the weird thing was that they couldn’t decide whether the cells were benign or malignant.

My brother took the pathology report to the top cancer hospital in Tianjin and the doctor there still couldn’t determine whether the cells were benign or malignant. He then went to a big hospital in Beijing and still came back with no definitive answer. He went back to the hospital where our mother was staying and the doctor suggested she be discharged and be treated conservatively at home.

Back home, my mother quickly busied herself with household chores, as if she’d never been sick. My father asked her, “Where have you been the past few days?” (We didn’t tell him about her condition as he was sick and bedridden and we worried about how he would react to the news.)

My mother responded, “I went for a vacation!”

Before I headed home the next day, I reminded my mother to recite the Dafa phrases. After I returned home, I mailed her a set of Dafa books.

After that, my mother began to practice Dafa. Because she didn’t know any practitioners, she learned the exercises by reading The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection and looking at Master’s exercise demonstration photos.

Master said,

“And I’m not making outlandish claims, as many who are seated here and who have been practicing a while will attest to. Another change that will happen is that older women will have their menstrual period return, since there is an essential energy involved in this blood that’s needed in mind-body practice. So while their period will start up again, it won’t be heavy; it will be just enough to serve the purpose for this stage of practice. And this too is common, since the development of your body would be impeded without it. Meanwhile men, both young and old, will experience changes as well, such as a feeling that your entire body is becoming lighter. The changes that I’ve described will come to you if you are sincere in your practice.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Not long after my mother began to practice Dafa, she called me, very excited, to say that she’d had her menstrual period twice. “It’s really amazing! I’m so grateful to Dafa! Master saved my life!” she exclaimed.

My mother took Dafa cultivation very seriously. Every time I called her, she was studying the Fa. She also began to memorize Master’s poems.

She also shared another amazing story with me. A very good friend of hers lives next door. After she shared her experience of practicing Dafa and read the above paragraph from Zhuan Falun to her friend, the friend, who was also in her 70s, was surprised that she menstruated again, too.

Five years have passed since my mother was diagnosed with two tumors. Without taking any medicine, she has completely recovered. Although she is 80 years old this year, she can still ride a tricycle a few miles to shop for groceries herself. Even her nephew envies her glowing complexion. “This is the power of Dafa!” my mother said to him with profound gratitude.