(Minghui.org) I used to suffer so many ailments that many who knew me thought I was dying. My family watched me go from lying stiff in bed to going back to work normally after I took up Falun Dafa, an ancient mind-body practice. 

At my worst, I had a shortage of oxygen to the brain, itchy hands, rheumatoid arthritis, poor kidney function, and constipation. The shortage of oxygen to my brain blurred my eyesight and made me lose my balance when I walked. I was afraid to walk far because it felt like I was walking on soft pillows. 

My itchy hands tortured me for years. I went to many doctors and applied all sorts of creams, but nothing worked. I scratched my hands until they bled but the itching still didn’t stop.

For 16 years, I suffered with rheumatoid arthritis. All of my joints and muscles ached and gradually became deformed and stiff. It was hard for me to move. I didn’t take off my clothes when I went to bed, because it was too much trouble to take them off and then put them back on. 

In the summer, I felt cold. Instead of taking showers, my husband had to help me into a big tub filled with hot water and cover me with towels to make sure none of my skin was exposed or I’d hurt wherever I was cold. Right after I bathed, I had to put on woolen clothes and socks. I’d would be in excruciating pain if I stood in front of a fan, in an air-conditioned room, or even out in the wind. No matter how warm I was from the waist up, I had to cover my legs with a blanket. In the wintertime, no amount of heat could keep me warm. I soaked my feet in a hot herbal bath before I went to bed, which still barely kept me warm. 

I went to different hospitals and saw many experts. They couldn’t do anything to alleviate my symptoms. My blood cell counts were low, my complexion was sallow, and I had no strength. The more medicine I took, the harder it was for me to walk. I took sick leave and stayed home. 

I kept getting worse and was hospitalized again. I couldn’t move because the pain was too much. I was confined to the bed. I smelled terrible because I couldn’t change my underwear. The painkiller the doctor gave me barely helped and caused systemic edema, but I was afraid to stop taking it. All of my coworkers came to see me. Maybe they thought I wouldn’t make it this time. I know I felt death was coming my way. The stress was tremendous, especially seeing that my husband had to take care of me every day after work and our two children were still little. 

Luckily, I survived and then, in 1996, came the turning point in my life—I took up Falun Dafa. It cost me nothing and steered me away from death. All of my ailments went away, except that my joints still looked slightly bent. The people I knew with rheumatoid arthritis who’d been in the treatment group in the hospital with me have all passed away now. Master turned me into a brand new person, not only physically but also mentally. I knew the purpose of life and how to be a good person who values virtues.

I went back to work after I recovered, and my coworkers were amazed to see how healthy and energetic I’d become. Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I filed for more medical expenses than anyone else at work. It’s been more than 20 years since I became a practitioner, and I have not filed for a dime. 

I believe that my children and my husband benefited from my practice as well. After I became a practitioner, my children’s health problems disappeared without seeing a doctor. They also identify with Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. They work hard and do not take money that doesn’t belong to them.

My husband used to fear that he’d have to do everything for me when my health deteriorated to a certain point. Seeing how Falun Dafa erased all my conditions, he often said that he had all the more reason to support my practice. He’s in his 80s now and all of his ailments have disappeared: hypertension, a fatty liver, a failed hernia surgery, prostate issues, hemorrhoids, and a snoring problem his doctor was worried about—they all went away. 

My husband was riding a scooter when a car hit him. He fell so hard that the handlebar of the scooter broke, but my husband wasn’t injured. He came home and exclaimed, “I wouldn’t be here if Master hadn’t protected me.” 

He agrees with the Falun Dafa principles I told him about and often recites “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.” At work he’d help solve others’ problems and ask nothing in return.