(Minghui.org) My breast tumors metastasized in 2020. They spread to many places in my body, and the mass in my breast grew so large that I had to support my breast while walking to avoid the pain and being off balance. My fellow villagers were all afraid that I would not live long, including my husband.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I wasn’t afraid. Worrying about it would not help me at all. I continued the practice and carried on with my life as usual.

Last fall, the tumor suddenly burst, creating an opening in my breast the size of a finger. The rupture was in the shape of a diamond with sharp edges. It was not painful, but blood and pus kept oozing out for about eight days. I could even see the broken blood vessels. Over the next three days, egg-yolk-sized tumors came out, one after another. They were shiny and black. For the next few days, the bloody fluid that oozed out smelled awful. Then, the fluid became clear. Finally, the rupture sealed in four days and not even a scar was left. The entire process took 19 days and I completely recovered!