(Minghui.org) Unlike other types of cancer, leukemia (blood cancer) does not have a tumor that can be removed. Even after the blood is replaced, the regenerated blood is still abnormal.

Leukemia patients are often in despair and misery, but there is still hope. As witnessed by tens of thousands of cancer patients, Falun Dafa offers enormous benefits to its practitioners in terms of both mind and body, including recovery from malignant blood cancer. Some of the leukemia patients were able to survive and thrive after cultivating in Falun Dafa. There are also patients who did not take up Falun Dafa but identified with its principles; they have also recovered, simply by reciting the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

High Court Director Freed from Leukemia in the Last Days of His Life

Mr. Hu Qingyun was former director of the Jiangxi Province High Court. In 1997, he was diagnosed with acute blood cancer. He also had hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. He was treated in five big hospitals, but the doctors couldn’t help him and they said he had less than three months to live.

Mr. Hu Qingyun

In February 1998, Mr. Hu’s family was advised by doctors to start preparing for his funeral because he might only have three days left. His cancer cell count had doubled, and the medicine would not work. He had lost his immunity and his weight dropped by 40 pounds. He could only eat liquid food and became bedridden. His whole body was in unbearable pain.

In the last days of his life, Mr. Hu got the book Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. He started practicing following the teachings in the book. He was still alive three days later. One months later, he could sit up to do Falun Dafa exercises in bed.

Mr. Hu gradually regained his health. He was discharged from the hospital in June 1998. He has continued practicing since then and has not taken any medicine or seen a doctor.

Mr. Hu said, “Even though I spent more than 320,000 yuan on treatment, I almost died in the hospital. No medicines or medical experts could save me. But a miracle happened after I practiced Falun Dafa. Several professors in those hospitals, who knew my situation, witnessed the miracle.”

Not only did Falun Dafa free Mr. Hu from the physical suffering, it also relieved his financial burden (up to 200,000 yuan per year) and mental pressure.

Mr. Hu was arrested on July 21, 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a nationwide campaign against Falun Gong. He was not allowed to do Falun Dafa exercises and study its teachings in the prison. A few days later, he started to bleed in the mouth and the nose. He passed out two times. When he fainted again on August 9, 1999, he was taken to the hospital for resuscitation. The hospital confirmed that his leukemia had come back.

After Mr. Hu was released on bail, he resumed practicing Falun Dafa and the leukemia disappeared again. Yet the CCP fabricated news on various media, accusing Mr. Hu of suffering from leukemia by practicing Falun Dafa. They also falsely claimed that the government paid for his treatment. Mr. Hu quickly refuted the accusation by publishing his own account on Minghui.

On January 10, 2001, Mr. Hu was sentenced to seven years in prison. He died in the prison on March 20, 2001.

Falun Dafa Gives Her a Second Life

Ms. Dong Shulan is a resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province in her 70's. She had multiple diseases, including tuberculosis, gallstones, kidney stones, cervical spondylosis and leukemia. She borrowed a lot of money from her relatives for medical treatments, but to no avail. She lost hope for a cure and lived desperately, waiting for her last days to come.

In April 1996, Ms. Dong lay in bed, weeping that her life would end soon and that she would leave four children behind. But it was also the most unforgettable month for her, when she was introduced to Falun Dafa.

After reading Zhuan Falun, she understood the reasons that people come to this world and why they became sick. She further understood that the true purpose of her life is to return to her original true self.

Through studying Falun Dafa’s teaching and doing its exercises, Ms. Dong was brighter in mind day by day, and her health was getting better. In less then one month, all of her diseases disappeared completely. She became energetic and could do all kinds of housework. She truly enjoyed the feeling of being illness-free. Falun Dafa saved her and gave her a second life.

Witnessing her changes, Ms. Dong’s husband and her three daughters also took up Falun Dafa. The whole family lived happily together.

Ms. Dong Shulan (second on the left) and her daughters and daughter-in-law (second on the right)

(To be continued.)