(Minghui.org) Unlike other types of cancer, leukemia (blood cancer) is not a tumor that can be removed. Even after the blood is replaced, the regenerated blood is still abnormal.

People with leukemia often despair and are miserable. But there is still hope. As witnessed by tens of thousands of cancer patients, Falun Dafa offers enormous benefits to its practitioners in both mind and body, including recovery from blood cancer. Some leukemia patients were able to survive and thrive after cultivating Falun Dafa. Some people who did not take up Falun Dafa but identified with its principles also recovered simply by reciting the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

(Continued from Part 1)

Elderly Woman Recovers from Leukemia in One Week

An elderly woman in Beijing was diagnosed with leukemia in 1997. Her belly was bloated and she was pale. All the hospitals she went to advised her to go home and wait to die. In the end, she couldn’t eat or drink and was on oxygen all the time.

In 1998, her daughter urged her to give Falun Dafa a try. The younger woman played Dafa’s exercise music to her. That night, the elderly woman didn’t need IVs or oxygen for the first time, and she slept well. The next morning, she started learning how to do Dafa exercises and listening to the audio lectures by Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. She then slept for three days straight.

When she woke up three days later, she said, “I’m fine! I’m totally fine!” She was approaching 80 at the time, but she recovered from leukemia by practicing Falun Dafa for just one week. Her recovery shocked many who knew her, including colleagues and friends of her son, Mr. Pang You, a well-known real estate developer. Mr. Pang also started to Falun Dafa after seeing his mother recover.

Bedridden with Leukemia: Blood Cancer Disappeared after Cultivating Dafa

Ms. Li Lanping had blood cancer and was bedridden for more than four years. She was treated at various big hospitals and took all kinds of drugs but she did not improve.

In 1996, the doctor told her that her leukemia was not curable and that she should plan her funeral. She was in despair, worrying who would take care of her two school-aged children.

When Ms. Li was desperate, her older brother encouraged her to learn Falun Dafa. He then read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, to her while she lay in bed. As she listened, Ms. Li thought, “This book is very good. If people are like what the book says, there would be no more bad people.” She thus decided to practice Falun Dafa when she got better.

On the third day, Ms. Li felt something spinning inside her abdomen. Once the spinning stopped, she felt hungry and drank some milk.

The next day, Ms. Li was able to get up on her own to eat. Ms. Li then started to study Dafa’s teaching and do the exercises. Gradually, she got better day by day. Everyone in her family exclaimed, “Falun Dafa is very good and miraculous!”

Aplastic Anemia Patient: Dafa Gives Me a Second Life

Ms. Feng Rongxia, 57, is from Shanghai. She had leukemia and aplastic anemia at the age of 17. Her hematopoietic function was hindered, and her blood counts were below normal. At the worst time, she bled from her nose and gums. There was no special treatment for this disease at home or abroad. She had to stay in the hospital for blood transfusions for six months every year.

Her chronic illness was a terrible financial burden on her family, and Ms. Feng also suffered tremendous mental distress. In August 1998, at the age of 33, she developed liver cancer due to the long-term use of hormone drugs. The doctor said that she only had three months to live.

Ms. Feng was in despair. She started to practice Falun Dafa at that time. In just one month, all of her health indicators returned to normal. She enjoyed the good feeling of being illness-free.

Ms. Feng Rrongxia

Recovery from Acute Leukemia

Mr. Xie Junxiao is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. He was sentenced to six years in prison for putting up Falun Dafa posters. He had acute leukemia in prison. When the doctor said he only had 15 days to live, the prison released him. He resumed practicing Dafa and he gradually recovered.

Mr. Xie Junxiao

Dying Woman Saved by Falun Dafa

Ms. Luo Shuzhi, 72, is from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. When she was 49 in 1994, she was tired all the time and her gums often bled. A village doctor suggested that she should go to a big hospital.

Ms. Luo was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. She took Chinese medicines to no avail. She was poor and had no money for Western medical treatment. She used ice cubes to relieve the pain for two years.

Later, a kindhearted person from a neighboring village introduced her to Falun Dafa. Ms. Luo was dubious at first. She asked, “If the hospitals could not cure my disease, why should I believe that practicing Falun Dafa would work?”

Ms. Luo really did not have any other way to relieve her pain, so she wanted to give Falun Dafa a try. Before she knew it, her leukemia disappeared. She has not taken any medicine since then and she took on some housework and farm work. Falun Dafa gave her a second life.

(To be continued.)