(Minghui.org) I grew up in the countryside and endured years of poverty. Being a stubborn person, I was selfish and argumentative. 

These negative mindsets resulted in years of poor health. Shortly after I began practicing Falun Dafa in the Spring of 1998, my physical problems disappeared one by one, and I regained my health and energy. 

With my renewed energy, I turned a piece of uncultivated land in front of my yard into a vegetable garden. I removed some trees and dug deep trenches and cut off many tree roots to prepare for my garden. 

Master said: 

“… trees are also lives.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

But I forgot Master’s teaching, and killed a number of plants when working in the garden. I killed a nearby bamboo because of my work. 

I did not stop there. I planned to cut two grown trees in my front yard, a phoenix and a holy tree, and plant two camphor trees in their place. 

My sister (a Dafa practitioner) tried to stop me, and I agreed with her at the time. But later I still did what I planned to do. 

I killed a lot of plants without much consideration. I got what I wanted, but troubles soon followed. 

I developed new physical problems one after another. Eventually I could not even get out of bed. 

I stopped cultivation. I didn't read Dafa books, stopped doing the exercises, and I stopped sending forth righteous thoughts. 

I also made no effort to tell people the truth about Dafa. I became an everyday person. 

My family members knew all the wonderful benefits I’d received from practicing Dafa, so they didn’t force me to seek medical help. They instead told my sister to come. 

She told me: “These are not real symptoms. We must not accept the status quo. Now, only Master and Dafa can save your life. We should begin to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts.” I was too weak to even do the exercises. 

At my sister’s encouragement, we began reading Dafa books and sending forth righteous thoughts with a sincere heart. Soon my condition improved. 

One day when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, my celestial eye saw a dark skinned bony man who came to lie in my bed. After he stretched his legs, I was shocked to realize that this was not a man; he was the shape of the holy tree I killed. 

I was frightened and told my sister. She said: “You may want to read Master’s words on benevolent resolution to them.”

Taking her advice, I read the following paragraph at the garden: 

“During the Fa-rectification of the cosmos, I can make a reasonable arrangement for those of you who don’t interfere with my validating the Fa; I can have you become beings in the future. Those of you who seek a benevolent resolution should leave me and wait in my surroundings. If you really cannot leave me, then don’t have any part in interfering with me. In the future I will be able to achieve Consummation, and I will offer you a benevolent resolution. Those who are completely bad, who still interfere with me and who cannot remain will, according to the standards, have to be eliminated. Even if I don’t eliminate you, the Law of the cosmos won’t let you remain.” (Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York)

After that, I regained my health and resumed doing the three things like a Dafa practitioner.