(Minghui.org) Pancreatic cancer, most commonly pancreatic adenocarcinoma, accounts for 85% of all cancers of the pancreas. It has a poor prognosis in most cases. 

According to the National Cancer Center of China, in 2021, China had 90,000 new patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and the number further increased to 125,000 in 2021. The cancer’s mortality rate ranks sixth in the list of malignant tumors.

Despite the high mortality rate, patients have recovered after practicing Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong. We hope their stories can bring hope to people who suffer from this disease.

Surviving Advanced Pancreatic Cancer by Practicing Falun Dafa

Ms. Ji Hong

Ms. Ji Hong joined the army at the age of 17, and was a communications soldier. After completing her service, she was transferred to the Institute of Liaoning Province Anshan Iron and Steel Company, where she worked on the maintenance of large computers. Later on, she got married and had a son.

In September 1995, when she was 42, she suddenly felt very tired and had stomach pain. Her skin turned sallow and itchy. She thought she had hepatitis, but after a thorough checkup, she was diagnosed with occupational lesions of the pancreas. 

To seek better treatment, she went to a larger hospital in Beijing in October 1995. An expert there confirmed that she had advanced pancreatic cancer.

The tumor was on the top of the pancreas and compressing the bile duct. Her whole body was yellow. She could not eat anything, and her life was in danger.

Ms. Ji underwent surgery in October 1995. During the operation, the surgeon found that the tumor was adhering to a major blood vessel, making it dangerous to remove and also easy to metastasize. He stopped the operation as she might not be able to make it through the surgery. 

The doctor said that he could only connect her bile duct and small intestine so that she could still eat, and that was all he could do for her. He said she may only have a year left at most. 

At the doctor’s suggestion, Ms. Ji started chemotherapy. After that, she was not able to keep any food down. She lost all her hair, had severe pain, and was extremely tired. She felt she had reached the end of her life. The checkup showed that the tumor had not shrunk, but she lost a significant amount of weight.

Eight people in Ms. Ji’s family had had cancer and seven of them died within a year of being diagnosed. When she thought of her death and her 13-year-old son, she could not help but cry. 

One day, Ms. Ji ran into a neighbor in the hallway. The neighbor urged her to practice Falun Dafa, telling her that Falun Dafa had miraculous effects in dispelling diseases and keeping people fit. 

The neighbor said that she was going to watch a video of Master Li Hongzhi’s teachings, and asked if Ms. Ji wanted to go with her. Ms. Ji changed her plan to go to the hospital and went with the neighbor to watch the video at a Falun Dafa practitioner’s home.

When the video of Master’s teachings began to play, all of her pain and discomfort were gone, and Ms. Ji experienced a comfortable feeling. After watching the video, a practitioner lent her a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa.

When Ms. Ji came home, she suddenly wanted to eat. She had two steamed buns, and they were delicious! It took her three days to finish reading the book, and then she made up her mind to practice Falun Dafa.

With exercising and studying the book, Ms. Ji’s health improved day by day. After 1-2 months, she was able to sleep well and gain back the weight she’d lost.

In May 1997, Ms. Ji went for a checkup at the hospital in Beijing where she’d had the surgery. The doctor was surprised to find that her pancreatic cancer was gone. He exclaimed, “A case like yours has never happened before!”

Pancreatic Cancer Not Cured After Spending a Fortune, Gone by Practicing Falun Dafa

A farmer named Yan (an alias) in Hubei Province developed constipation and stomach pain in March 2014. She went to the hospital and was found to have late-stage pancreatic cancer and it had already spread to her colon and ovary. Her family borrowed close to 80,000 yuan for her surgery. The surgeon removed two fist-sized tumors. 

The doctor installed a urine catheter and put Yan on chemotherapy. She could not move and suffered tremendously. A month later, as her family ran out of money, the hospital discharged her. She was emaciated and lifeless. Her husband was crushed with stress and aged a great deal.

In October 2014, Yan went back to the hospital for refilling the chemotherapy medicine, which cost another several thousand yuan. She became worn out on her way back, so she stopped at a store owned by her sister. There, she came across a distant relative whom she had not seen since she was a teen.

The relative was in her 70s but looked so healthy and full of energy with rosy cheeks. Yan asked her what her secret was for being so healthy.

“I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 20 years. It is so good,” replied her relative.

Yan asked, “Can I practice too? I really want to learn, but I am illiterate, as I never went to school.” 

The relative took Yan to her home which was across the street from Yan’s sister’s store. With the help of the relative and another practitioner, Yan learned the Falun Dafa exercises and her husband read the book to her. 

Gradually, Yan’s health improved and she was able to do some household chores. Her son and daughter-in-law were delighted to see her improvement and they also took turns reading Zhuan Falun to her. A year later, she completely recovered and she looked even younger. 

(To be continued.)