(Minghui.org) I am a 44-year-old female worker in Jilin Province. I was introduced to Falun Dafa in 1997, started to practice at home in 1998, and participated in group Fa study and doing the exercises in May 1999.

After beginning to practice Falun Dafa, I worked diligently, and did not pick and choose my work assignments. I always consider others’ needs first, and have a good relationship with my colleagues. They have said that I am really different from how I used to be.

I have benefited physically and mentally from Dafa, and as a result, my relatives and colleagues have also benefited. 

Demeanor of a Practitioner

At the end of 2000, the company underwent a reform and required all staff to compete for positions. The staff were required to score each other, and the positions were determined according to the scores, from high to low. After the positions were filled, the remaining personnel would be laid off. However, the number of new positions in each workshop team was less than the original number. So we all chose to compete for our previous positions in our original team to ensure a better chance of keeping the job.

My team previously employed seven people, but there were only six new positions. A woman who was breastfeeding was relatively new to our team. She was likely to get the lowest score and be laid off because she was unfamiliar with others. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I knew that I should think of others first. If I didn’t compete for the position, the new worker wouldn’t be be laid off. As a breastfeeding mother, it would be difficult for her to find a job! 

When I got home, I talked to my mother about it. Mother said, “What about you? Aren’t you stupid! You can’t just think about others, you have to think about yourself too! Your father has passed away. Remember, we also have to live.” My mother has no labor insurance, my brother was in college, and I had to take care of the household. But when I thought about the nursing worker, I really didn’t want to compete with her. In the end, I decided to give up my bid for the position, and shared my thoughts with the nursing woman and the others in my team.

She thanked me very much, and the others thought it was incredible. I went to bid for a position in another team with a lot people. As expected, I was laid off. The nursing woman was successful in her bid.

More than 200 people were laid off. The company conducted a week-long retraining for us, followed by an exam. Then we could choose the workshops where we wanted to be rehired, based on the exam results. I studied very hard, expressed my opinion about the difficult points, and impressed everyone. When the exam results came out, I ranked third, so I could choose the work department as the third person. 

The head of the union that organized the training chose a department with a higher salary for me. I was very satisfied. Ten minutes later, a female worker from my old workshop approached me and said, “My grade is very low, so I can only go back to our original workshop. You also know that I have conflicts with the foreman and it’ll be tough for me. Let’s swap positions.” I knew the original position paid much less than my new position, so I didn’t really want to switch. Looking at her, I knew that she would have a hard time if she returned to our original workshop. Thinking that as a practitioner I should think of others, I agreed to switch with her.

She happily thanked me then went to the person in charge and explained that we had exchanged workshops.

A while later, the company speaker announced, “With dual consent, so-and-so and so-and-so have exchanged workshops.” Many people at our workplace were stunned and asked, “Who is this person?” A young man who knew that I had given up my first position came to me and said, “It’s you again!” 

That’s how I went back to my original workshop, and my original post. Later, our team was assigned a task to make a new product, and the whole team was transferred to another workshop. This workshop was even better than the one I chose before. One of my colleagues said to me, “It’s true that good people get rewarded!” I said, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and Dafa teaches us to be a good person.”