(Minghui.org) It is one of many unfortunate realities in China that police officers can break into citizens' residences to rob, beat, and arrest innocent people without warrants or police IDs. Moreover, they try to imprison and further persecute these people by fabricating evidence. The experience of Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Pan Youfa and Mr. Hu Lin is a perfect example of such injustice.

Mr. Pan Youfa, 64, was a Falun Gong practitioner from Shenyang City. When he was serving as an official in the military, he demonstrated great integrity and was free of the corruption or abuse of soldiers which was so common within the military in China. He later worked at the Construction Committee of the Government of Shenyang. He used to suffer from eight different illnesses including cerebral thrombosis, heart disease, and nephritis. After having practiced Falun Gong for three months, all the illnesses that Mr. Pan had consulted many hospitals and specialists for treatment for without success were gone. He thus became a steadfast practitioner of Falun Gong and followed its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

On August 28, 2012, Mr. Pan went to visit his friend Mr. Hu Lin at home. Around 6 p.m., a group of men broke into Mr. Hu's home. Without announcing their identity, they started hitting the two men. They punched Mr. Hu in the face and eyes, and his face and mouth began to bleed. Ms. Pan's legs and ribs were injured, and someone cut his arms with a knife. They were handcuffed behind their backs and pushed to the floor. Swearing at the two practitioners, the perpetrators poured cold water all over Mr. Pan, put a pair of underwear on his head, and insulted him.

The group also ransacked Mr. Hu's home, making a mess and taking away all his valuables, including nearly 10,000 yuan in cash, bank cards and books, a desktop computer, two laptops, a cell phone, a portable DVD player, books, electric razors, speakers, a watch, and other personal belongings. None of the objects taken away was listed or signed off by the owner.

The perpetrators dragged the two practitioners downstairs and tried to push them into a car. Mr. Hu shouted “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” and refused to get in, which resulted in another round of beatings. Mr. Hu and Mr. Pan were fastened with duct tape in the car, while their hands were cuffed behind their backs, so they were unable to move during the more than two-hour drive. The handcuffs cut into their wrists after the nine-hour ordeal. Their hands were covered in blood and deep cuts, and were swollen.

Those who committed this crime were actually police officers: Chen Fuyang from the Domestic Security Division of Shenyang City Police Station; Su Jianping, head of the Domestic Security Division of Xinmin City Police Station; Wang Xingkuan and Li Peng from the Xibeijie Police Station in Xinmin City; and others.

Around 6 a.m. August 29, the police brought the two practitioners to the Xinmin Detention Center. Mr. Pan had serious pain in his legs and ribs, and had great difficulty walking. Mr. Hu had a large cut on the back of the head, his right eye was swollen, his wrists were bleeding, and he had many bruises and wounds on his knees and back. Seeing this, the detention center refused to accept them until they had been checked by the hospital.

In the detention center, Mr. Hu appealed to the local procurator and police stations about the crime committed by police officers, but has not received any response. In fact, the police fabricated evidence and tried to accuse Mr. Pan of hurting police officers with a knife! The local procurator returned the request to arrest Mr. Pan due to insufficient evidence. Then the police turned to fabricating other evidence, accusing Mr. Pan of interfering with police actions and that he was handling Falun Gong related materials along with Mr. Hu. In the end, the Xinmin Procuratorate agreed to arrest Mr. Pan, who was to be put on trial in the Xinmin Court on March 18, 2013. Mr. Pan's family and friends have hired two lawyers to defend him.

Contact information:

Xinmin City Court, Xinmin procurator Postal Code: 110300

Ji Xingdong, chief judge, Xinmin City Court: 86-24-27509805, 86-24-27509900

Chen Hongyan, public procurator, Xinmin Procurator: 86-24-27509805, 86-13604908722(Cell)

Su Hualin, director, Xibeijie Police Station in Xinmin City:13940481588(Cell)