Former Government Official in China: “The Kindness of Practitioners Is Like a Warm Spring Breeze”

"I'm an 88-year-old retired government official. I live in a large, bright apartment and receive a good pension. I should be happy, however my family has suffered one misfortune after another...One happy thing I look forward to is being visited by my nephews, who are Falun Dafa practitioners... I now know that Dafa and Master are blessing the entire world."

Canada: Montreal Falun Gong Group Sends Grateful Greetings on Chinese New Year

“Our lives have become bright,” said one couple who participated in the gathering of Falun Gong practitioners at the Montreal Convention Center for Chinese New Year.

“A Tremendous Practice that Improves Morality and Brings Prosperity to a Nation” – New Year Greetings from Supporters of Falun Dafa

Chinese citizens send Lunar New Year Greetings to the founder of Falun Dafa to show their support.

Blessed for Supporting Falun Dafa: People Across China Respectfully Wish Master Li a Happy Chinese New Year

Many people who identify with the principles and support Falun Dafa have received blessings. On the occasion of Chinese New Year, these supporters have sent in heartfelt greetings to wish Master Li a happy holiday.

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