(Minghui.org) Some practitioners I know seem very diligent in their cultivation practice. However, a portion of them share a common but dangerous loophole. That is, while undergoing painful illness karma, they often think, “I'd rather be dead than go on suffering like this!”

The following examples clearly illustrate this point.

The first example involves my mother, who had practiced Falun Gong for over 20 years. She was very steadfast before she came down with a serious bout of illness karma.

She felt so ill that she couldn't take care of herself, or do regular household chores. On several occasions, she tearfully said, “Why is my cultivation state like this? I would rather die than go on living in pain!”

I was alarmed by her words and said to her, “Don’t think that way! That is a very big loophole on your part!” Instead of taking my warning seriously, she repeated her words under her breath.

She passed away shortly thereafter, even though I sent righteous thoughts for her. I believe the outcome may have been different had she vanquished the thought of dying.

From the old force's perspective, she was asking to die. However, if she had sufficient righteous thoughts, no being would have dared make trouble for her.One thought really can determine the outcome!

The second example concerns a veteran practitioner who was very diligent in studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth.

No long ago, he experienced a great deal of pain in his gallbladder. When he could no longer bear the pain, he visited a hospital where he told the attending surgeon, “Please remove my gallbladder. The pain is unbearable!” He foolishly thought the pain would end if his gallbladder was surgically removed!

The surgeon accommodated his request and removed his gallbladder. When the practitioner realized that his pain had not abated, he said out loud, “I'd rather be dead than live with this pain!”

This was a huge loophole! Not only did his symptoms worsen, he was later hospitalized and passed away shortly after.

I was saddened and shocked upon learning of his death. I believe that the old forces would not have ended his life if he had not held onto the thought of dying.

Practitioners who are experiencing severe bouts of sickness karma must remember that they are Dafa disciples and that they don't want other arrangements, nor do they acknowledge them.

The third example concerns a practitioner who was experiencing serious illness karma and lived alone. His wife had recently passed away, which made him very sad and lonely. In addition, he was poor and had no source of income.

One day, he decided to visit several local fellow practitioners' homes, and by all accounts, he seemed in good health.

However, the following day he suddenly passed away. One practitioner remarked, “It now appears that he was visiting us because he had held the thought, ‘Since I will die soon, it would be good to pay one last visit to some of the people I know. It’s too hard to live like this.’”

The old forces have arranged a myriad of dangers and tribulations for each and every practitioner. They truly don’t want us to succeed in cultivation. When we fail, the old forces are happy.

Many practitioners had ample righteous thoughts when they first took up cultivation practice. However, when faced with severe sickness karma, their righteous thoughts waned. When they were unable to bear the pain, they thought about death.

The following is a similar story but with a different ending. A veteran practitioner I know went through several bouts of sickness karma and was hospitalized numerous times. When a fellow practitioner went to visit him, the hospitalized practitioner said to the visiting practitioner, “If I pass away, please be sure to visit my wife often.”

The fellow practitioner sternly said, “What are you talking about?! You seem to be arranging your funeral! Aren't you pursuing your own death? Get rid of those thoughts immediately! Just follow Master Li’s arrangement and don’t let the old forces take advantage of this loophole and persecute you!”

The practitioner with the illness karma suddenly enlightened to the gravity of the situation and strongly denied the old force's arrangements. He is now fine.

In conclusion, I believe that having suficient righteous thoguhts is imperative while undergoing the illussion of illness karma.