Australia: Practitioners in Queensland Share How They Improved While Responsibly Performing Their Duties

Nine Falun Gong practitioners spoke at the conference and exchanged their experiences of how they have to constantly look within to improve, let go of their attachments and overcome their fears, so that they can help more people better understand Falun Gong and fulfill their vows as a practitioner. 

Manhattan: New York City Residents Learn Falun Dafa Exercises at Summer Street Festival

Falun Dafa practitioners were invited to participate in the New York City Summer Streets event, and demonstrate the exercises at Foley Square adjacent to Civic Center and City Hall, for two consecutive weekends. Many people learned the exercises during the event.

San Francisco Fa Conference: Solid Cultivation and Saving People Diligently

Practitioners from Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and New York attended the conference, where ten practitioners shared their cultivation experiences of how they improved themselves, let go of their attachments, and how they talked to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. One practitioner commented, “We need to put our hearts into what we are doing, regardless of whether we are involved in a big or small project. Only then are we able to awaken people.”

San Francisco: Practitioners Demonstrate and Teach the Falun Dafa Exercises

Many tourists stopped and participated in learning the exercises and could feel the positive energy of the practice. They also learned about the persecution of it in China.

Heavenly Books in the Past and Present

A brief history about the mysterious and profound heavenly books since ancient times, and how the Falun Dafa's teachings bring back to the world universal truths, traditional values, and blessings.

Being Calm Even In the Face of Storms

A lost soul waiting for time to pass kept pondering about the purpose of being alive. She was introduced to Falun Dafa and everything became clear after she persevered on her cultivation path. 

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