(Minghui.org) I was arrested at the beginning of 2002 after attending a local experience-sharing meeting. Three months later, I walked out of the brainwashing center but became homeless.

The persecution made me lose everything: my job, my house, my family. But after I broke out of the brainwashing center, I found a good job in another city that was relaxing and paid well. I remember feeling so happy when I boarded the plane headed to that city. From then on, my cultivation accelerated.

I stayed in that city for about five years and used all my spare time to do the three things. After I quit the job, I came to my current city, where I worked full time at a truth-clarification material production site. Another 11 years passed. I have experienced many tribulations and tests, but I went through all of them with Master’s protection.

Precaution Brings Results

The city I moved to is a county-level city. The material production site where I work is the only one in the city. Shortly after I arrived, the practitioner who used to work here was arrested and never resumed her cultivation in Dafa. I accepted the job.

I fully understood the importance of the site. Thus, I saw its safety as the highest importance. Persecutors attempted to interfere many times, but the interference was avoided every time thanks to Master’s hints and warnings. I have moved multiple times. Sometimes I decided to move within a few hours after arriving, and sometimes I moved late at night.

At the beginning, I suggested setting up more but smaller material production sites, but I failed to convince fellow practitioners. I remained careful at all times and insisted on not using a cell phone. Therefore, I did not experience problems. When I needed practitioners’ help, they always showed up on time. As I requested, other practitioners tried not to visit the site except to deliver materials and pick up products.

When I experienced major safety problems, I informed practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. During the early years, the machinery often had problems. One time, I took a printer to a repair store. The technician’s face immediately changed after he connected the printer to his computer. He took his cell phone and walked out in a hurry. I realized something was wrong, quickly picked up the printer, and left. At the production site, I connected the printer to my computer, which showed that I had recently printed Dafa informational materials.

Having learned my lesson, I no longer went to non-practitioners’ repair shops. When I ran into problems, I checked with an online technical forum run by practitioners, received inspiration through Fa-study, or asked Master for help. Over time, I could resolve most problems. Then, as we bought newer machines, they became easier to use and more reliable.

Because this is the sole material production site in the city, I am extremely busy. But no matter what, I always place Fa-study as the first priority. I have memorized Zhuan Falun but still find certain sections that I cannot recite accurately. Now, I always put the book beside me when I recite it, and I turn to the page to check when I come across some content that I can’t recite accurately.

The site has operated safely for 11 years. Not everything has gone smoothly, however, and I have run into danger at times. Once, just after we had moved out, the police broke into place and found nothing.

Dealing With Interference

Another experience was really disturbing. I moved the site to an apartment that used to belong to a practitioner’s relative who had passed away. Only after I moved in did I know how dirty and messy it was: the smell of mice urine permeated the room, and mice droppings were everywhere. I cleaned a big pile of dead mice and a big bottle of wine containing small snakes. I also found many books and video disks of other religions.

The mice were so rampant that they jumped onto the dining table during the day and jumped on my bed and howled beside my ears on my pillow right after I turned off the light. Every morning after I woke up, I always saw a lot mice droppings in my drinking water pail, mouthwash cup, stove, and so on.

But the worst interference came from other dimensions. Sometimes the four printers would suddenly stop working and then restart after a while. Sometimes the four printer icons on my computer would become eight. I thought I really couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to move out as soon as possible.

When I got up from the chair, I hit a drawer on the computer desk. Meanwhile, a dialog box appeared on the computer screen. It said, “You recently read an article titled ‘Master is Right Beside You.’” I was shocked and immediately calmed down. I realized that I should look at the issue in reverse: The terrible environment and interference meant that something important was to be done in that place.

Later, I was the first person in the area to submit a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, and the task was completed in that room. After I received the receipts from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Supreme People’s Court, I also assisted fellow practitioners in preparing and submitting their lawsuits. One night, I helped dozens of practitioners print their legal cases. The lawsuits against Jiang began on a large scale that night.

I saw through my celestial eye that the previous owners of the apartment, the ones who had passed away, were still in the room. They did not accept Dafa when they were living, and the wife held a strong resentment. She could not accept that the room was being used by practitioners as a material production site, so she interfered with the site.

I communicated with them in my mind, “This place being chosen by Dafa practitioners as a material production site is a good thing for you and your family. You will be blessed. Remember ‘Falun Dafa is Good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good’ and leave here quickly. Then you will have a good future. But if you continue to stay and make trouble, I will send forth righteous thoughts and disintegrate you.”

I cleaned the room and installed window screens to keep the mice out. I never saw the couple again, and the material production site operated smoothly after that.

Letting Go of Notions and Being More Diligent

About two years ago, I had a dream. I was sitting in a theater and knew that it had something to do with me. The audience were those who I had successfully persuaded to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. However, only half of the seats were occupied.

I enlightened that Dafa has different standards at different levels and that I shouldn’t restrict myself to the material production site. I should clarify the truth face-to-face more and fill up the theater. Before 2016, I had persuaded only about 1,000 people to quit the CCP.

After much consideration, I decided to transfer a small part of my work to another practitioner. This work did not require much skill but was time-consuming. Then, I was able to go out more to persuade people to quit the Party.

I started going out almost every day starting in January 2017. I sent forth righteous thoughts a lot and sometimes recited the Fa when I walked. I disabled the surveillance cameras with my righteous thoughts and supernormal ability. I also reminded myself not to get carried away when more people quit the Party and not to get frustrated when fewer people quit. Even on the occasions when I didn’t persuade anyone to quit, I took it as a leisurely walk.

One time, I went to a nearby city by bus. It was the time that students were leaving school. I walked in the opposite direction and explained the facts of Dafa while walking. After I talked to a few, I heard somebody shouting behind me, “Hello, please wait!” I didn’t realize she meant me, so I kept walking. When I got half a block away, a girl who looked like a junior high school student caught up with me and said, out of breath, “What does it mean to quit the Young Pioneers?” She said her classmates had told her what I said. I explained it to her in detail. Two of her classmates approached us and also listened. Finally, all three quit the Young Pioneers, one of the CCP’s youth organizations.

Another time, I went to a suburb to clarify the truth. I saw an elderly lady, gave her an amulet, and told her to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” which could keep her safe. She happily told me that she was older than 100 and lived right behind the bamboo grove. She said, pointing at the bamboos, “I haven’t left my home in many years, but I just wanted to go out today.”

Another time, I met a man who looked like a government official. I began to explain why people needed to quit the CCP. He angrily rebuked me. I left but noticed that he was following me and talking on his phone. I asked Master to help me and walked quickly. Only minutes later, I found that the environment looked unfamiliar. I found that I was about five bus stops from the place where I just had met the man. Master had endowed me with the ability of teleportation and helped me avoid danger!

Between January 2017 and August 16, 2018, I persuaded 2,393 people to quit the CCP. Recently, I saw in a dream that my theater was almost filled, with only a few seats empty. I thought I shouldn’t be complacent; when it is full, I should move to a bigger theater!