(Minghui.org) Master said,

“Most of our Dafa disciples are validating Dafa and walking their own paths in cultivation by using their special talents and what they have learned. All social strata and different occupations in human society can serve as settings for cultivation and, under the persecution, for clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings who have been led down evil paths by the wicked Party. If you can maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions while under the pressure from the evil, that is validating the Fa and proving yourself. Those who have special skills in the arts may blaze a trail in validating the Fa.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music”)

A Wish Is Born

Practitioners in Norway whose background is in music have been discussing since last year how to use our special skills to validate the Fa. At first we thought that we might take part in local performances in our area, but these are rather scarce. Therefore, we thought about performing at the tourist site where we explain the facts about Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong), and raise awareness of the persecution that way. Although we weren't sure how that would go, we decided to go ahead and practice music written by Dafa practitioners.

First, we had to find a location where we could practice together as a group. We decided on my workplace. We met on a Saturday for two hours for the first practice session. I played the Erhu (Chinese violin). Another practitioner played the Guzheng (Chinese zither). Our practice went very well.

However, my workplace was no longer available when we got together to practice again. So we decided to practice music in a park by a river. The result was unexpected.

“We Heard the Music from Chinese Instruments”

Just as we'd begun practicing, a group of Norwegians came by to listen – which we didn't expect. We happened to have two display boards with us that discuss the Chinese Communist regime's harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, as well as some fliers. So we put up the display boards and fliers, and explained the facts about Falun Dafa to them. Then, we continued to practice.

Two Chinese people, walking their bikes in the park, came over. They said, “We heard the music from Chinese instruments, which brought us here.” We started to chat about traditional Chinese culture. Then we talked about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destroying traditional Chinese culture and causing the collapse of morality in today's China. We also talked about the Chinese Communist regime persecuting Falun Gong and harvesting organs from living practitioners. They asked us some questions, which we answered. In the end, we helped them withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations.

We felt that Master was helping us because we wanted to use our special skills to save people. Master guided the people with a predestined relationship over to us. When we had righteous thoughts and actions, everything became simple. We never imagined that we'd be ready to play music at a tourist site before we'd had a chance to practice together for quite some time.

This experience reinforced our confidence in clarifying the facts about Dafa through music. We added some variety to our repertoire: singing, Erhu solo, and Guzheng solo.

“It's Wonderful that You Convey the Facts to People This Way!”

Encouraged by the positive experience, we made more careful preparations for our practice session the next day, which was a Sunday. We brought two more display boards in Chinese and another two in English. We put them along the path at both ends of the park.

Then we began to play music. From time to time, groups of Norwegians came to listen. They applauded after we finished playing. Then, a practitioner would talk to them about Falun Dafa and the persecution of that faith in China. They understood, took fliers, and moved on.

Then another group came. They sat down and listened to two musical pieces, “Ode to Lotus,” and “Please Sit Beside Me.” They gave us a round of applause after we finished. After a practitioner told them about Falun Dafa, a middle-aged Norwegian woman said, “The music you were playing is very peaceful. It's wonderful that you convey the facts to people this way!” She hugged us. We felt the gratitude from people's hearts after they understood the truth.

People listened to the facts about Falun Dafa more attentively when we played our music. Without our playing music, we were just distributing fliers to people who walked by, and they accepted them rather passively. Now, because of the music, they came to us on their own. Plus, our music also has energy that helps clean the environment and awakens people's conscience, so when we clarify the truth after we finished playing a piece, the effects were usually quite good.

We shared about our experience at our local Fa study. A Western practitioner said that she remembered hearing that a message, when conveyed with music instead of words, can give people an impression that is 40 times more powerful.

“Are You a Family? You Cooperate So Well!”

There is an arts college near the park where we play music. Four students who majored in music stopped by one Saturday afternoon. One of them carried a violin. After they listened to us playing, the student took out his violin and wanted to play with us.

Then four more students came by, who also studied music at that college. They were very interested in the Guzheng, and were also touched by the sound elicited by the Erhu, which can talk directly to people's heart. After we played a piece, the practitioner explained the facts about Falun Dafa to them. While she was talking, I was playing the Erhu as background accompaniment. One student was very moved after learning the truth. He asked, “Are you a family? You work so well together! The music she played on the Erhu perfectly matched the content you were telling me.”

“We Sympathize With You!”

One day, we put up our banner in the park then began to play music and sing. A group of Chinese tourists sat down on the benches nearby. They'd never heard the song we were singing. Some walked around behind us, as they wanted to see the title of the song we were singing. Some came around to our front and read the words on the banner. We'd posted the latest news on the banner:

1.The China Tribunal, “An independent people's tribunal in London, established to inquire into forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China, announced its findings on June 17, 2019. The panel concluded that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in China for many years, and that this brutality still continues today.” (Minghui.org)

An independent people’s tribunal in London made the final decision on June 17 after collecting evidence, including from 50 witnesses, holding hearings and conducting investigations from multiple channels for 8 months. It was noted that the majority of those experiencing forced organ harvesting are Falun Gong practitioners.

2. An official from the U.S. Department of State specifically told Falun Gong practitioners that they can submit a list of perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong. Minghui published an announcement, urging Dafa disciples all over the world to take immediate action to collect, compile, and submit to Minghui.org information on the perpetrators, their family members, and their assets, so as to locate and verify their identities. The list will be submitted to the U.S. Department of State.

I explained the facts about Falun Dafa to two official-looking Chinese tourists who were reading the banners. They said repeatedly, “We sympathize with you! We sympathize with you!”

“I Also Want to Practice Falun Dafa”

One day, a middle-aged Westerner came by when we were playing our music. He read our display boards again and again. After he listened to a few pieces, a practitioner talked about Falun Dafa to him. He said that he also wanted to practice Falun Dafa. We told him that he could go online to the web address printed on the flier, find the phone number of the local volunteer where he lives, then learn Falun Dafa from the volunteer.

Now we are proficient with a dozen instrumentals or songs composed by practitioners. But we need to continue improving our skills. We plan to make some background music accompaniment to enhance the overall effect. At the same time, we also plan to print out the lyrics and the meaning behind the music, so that people can better understand the connotations of the songs or instrumentals, and have an even better opportunity to understand the truth about Dafa.