(Minghui.org) My sister, who used to be short-tempered and controlling, hit rock bottom when she fell ill and battled insomnia for more than ten years.

Her life took an unexpected turn for the better when she took up Falun Dafa, an ancient spiritual discipline, in 1999.

She not only regained her health but also became much kinder and more considerate. My brother-in-law often says he has truly benefited from her practicing Dafa.

A Tough Character

My sister, who is in her late 60s, was a farmer. She was very competitive and had a short fuse. When others mistreated her, she might ignore it at first, but if they continued to step out of line, she would teach them a lesson with her fist.

Her husband was very simple-minded, and others often mistreated him. Their neighbor, in particular, often bullied him. My sister had enough one day, and she cursed each and every one of them for days. After that, everyone in the village knew not to offend her or her husband.

A Frail and Worn-Out Body

Because my sister had to take care of her father-in-law and two children and also work in the fields, she had a hard time making ends meet. Their house became unlivable when the roof started to leak and the thin walls started to crumble. They had to rebuild. They had to put forth a great deal of effort to borrow the money and purchase second-hand building materials. Then it took them six months to rebuild the house. It was done, but my sister's health was ruined in the process.

Plagued with insomnia, anemia, heart disease, and stroke-like symptoms, she could no longer work. She went to the emergency room many times. They were already seriously in debt, and her condition made things much worse. She lost hope.

Dafa Changed My Sister Inside and Out

At her lowest point, someone told her about Falun Dafa. She began reading the teachings and doing the exercises. Before long, she got better. She was able to do household chores and even to work in the fields again! Those who knew her well were surprised to see her so healthy, with rosy cheeks and full of energy. She replied that Falun Dafa had changed her and saved her life.

Not only did her health improve, but she also became kind and considerate of her neighbors and her husband. She realized that he endured a great deal, and she was able to see things from a different angle. Their family was a happy one.

Her Family Is Blessed

In order to make a living, they purchased seven sheep. They went out daily together. My sister cut the grass and her husband watched over the sheep. She even trained the lead sheep to open the gate for the others and trained them to go to a designated area to relieve themselves! Others in the village were amazed to see that.

In just a few years, their flock grew to almost 90 sheep and the quality of their wool was excellent. Buyers flocked to their home after their sheep were shorn. Her family went from poverty to financial independence.

Her two children grew up to be kind, too. The hardships they endured as children made them mature and grateful for what they had. They respect and take good care of their parents.

My sister and her husband are deeply grateful for Falun Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi.