(Minghui.org) I woke up feeling very uncomfortable, weak and I had no appetite on January 6, 2006. My mother suggested I go to a hospital for a checkup. I refused, saying I had lavishly celebrated the New Year and drank too much alcohol. My family continued insisting so eventually I went.

The doctor ordered a liver function blood test. I was sure that my chronic drinking had damaged my liver. However, test results indicated that my liver was normal. Next, the doctor checked my kidney function and urine. Seeing the higher than normal results, the doctor told me, “You have severe nephrotic syndrome (excessive protein in one's urine).” I was in denial because my health was good.

I consulted a county-level hospital. The doctor told me, “Your disease is a bit more severe. Our hospital does not have the ability to treat you. You should try a provincial city hospital.” I was in disbelief. To prove that the test results were wrong, I rested at home for a day before I went to the hospital for another test. The results remained the same! On January 8 I visited the famous Tongji Hospital in our provincial capital for treatment.

Treatment at a Western Hospital

I worked as a full-time chauffeur for the workplace leader. My job came with many lavish perks. I enjoyed delicious food and fine alcohol. Whenever the leader received a gift, the giver would, in accordance with social custom, also present me with a gift. I received a lot of benefits. The company even reimbursed my personal entertainment and food expenses. My health gradually deteriorated due to my indulgent lifestyle. 

I was twice admitted to Tongji Hospital in 2006. During my initial visit, I was admitted for 20 days. Doctors administered large quantities of prednisone. The steroid deformed my body and caused me great discomfort. My bones and joints were in excruciating pain. I had difficulty walking and became very weak. Despite prolonged treatment, my condition did not improve. The doctor prescribed a large quantity of medication and told me to recuperate at home. I was told to return a month later.

When I returned I was told that my condition had deteriorated. I was immediately admitted to the hospital. Doctors recommended I undergo a renal biopsy. A tissue sample would be taken from my kidney and doctors warned me that they could not administer anesthesia during the procedure.

The pain was indescribable. Afterward, I lay immobile in my hospital bed for 48 hours. Things got worse and the biopsy confirmed I had membranous nephropathy. The doctors informed my family that this was an incurable disease. My family was upset and I became very depressed. I was admitted for 13 days before being discharged. My doctor prescribed lots of medication and advised me to return regularly for follow up check-ups.

Despite undergoing expensive treatment at Tongji Hospital for more than a year, my condition did not improve. I continued to have constant pain throughout my body and my mood was bad. The medication did nothing to alleviate my condition. My family also suffered as a result of my ill health. Besides the burden of having to care for me, they felt tremendous psychological pressure due to my uncertain condition. I resented my fate and hoped for a cure.

Physician Introduces Me to Falun Dafa

When the leader of our bureau heard about my deteriorating health he was very concerned. One day in 2008, he told me about a talented, traditional Chinese medicine physician. He asked if I was interested in consulting him. Eager for a cure, I agreed. 

During my first visit, the elderly physician asked me about my medical history. After he took my pulse he prescribed some medication for me to drink at home. During my second visit he asked, “Do you believe in God?” I replied, “Yes!” He then asked if I'd heard that millions of Chinese were quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He said, “Quitting the CCP means withdrawing from the Party and its affiliated organizations, the Communist Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League.” I told him that I hadn't joined any Party organizations, although I had worn the red scarf of the Communist Young Pioneers when I was a kid. When he advised me to quit the Communist Young Pioneers, I agreed. I said, “Use my real name to withdraw from the organization!”

After a few visits, we became friends. He told me about the goodness of Falun Dafa, and asked me to remember, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” During our weekly consults, he'd ask if I remembered those nine words and each time, I recited the phrase.

Under his treatment my health slowly improved. I stopped visiting Tongji Hospital and stopped taking Western medicine.

Truly Entering Cultivation Practice

One day, the old physician told me about a book that guided one to high-level cultivation and asked if I was interested in reading it. When I said yes, he lent me a copy of Zhuan Falun and suggested I finish reading it at one go. I did not heed his advice and read it intermittently. It took me a long time to finish reading it. By then my health was much improved. Once I recovered, I stopped reading Zhuan Falun, but I continued taking the traditional Chinese medicine the old physician prescribed. Soon after, I went back to work.

Soon after I returned to work, the discomfort returned and I was forced to return home to recuperate. The physician told me, “Your illness is a longstanding medical problem. It's so difficult to cure that it could be considered incurable. Medication can only help maintain your condition. Your improved health was due to your exposure to Falun Dafa. If you refuse to cultivate, your illness will be returned to you. Your illness will be resolved if you truly begin practicing Falun Dafa.

I began to seriously practice Falun Dafa and my health improved. In 2009, I returned to work. Due to of my low cultivation level, I avoided strenuous, difficult tasks. In my free time, I pursued ordinary people’s entertainment. I also continued to consume medication. Since my cultivation was halfhearted, I didn't completely recover from my illness.

In 2013, the physician introduced me to two Fa study groups and suggested I read the teachings with them. I began reading the Fa and practicing the exercises with others. Through exchanging experiences with other practitioners I realized that my understanding of Dafa was very superficial. I now appreciate the great sacrifices that Master Li (the founder) have made on our behalf!

Soon after I truly entered cultivation practice my health improved by leaps and bounds. For the first time, I enjoyed a truly healthy and pain-free body. I stopped taking any medication. When I went to the hospital for an examination my test results were all normal! My family was delighted and encouraged me to practice.

I Truly Begin to Cultivate Myself 

I used to be very short-tempered and I refused to listen to any criticism. I became upset if anyone disagreed with me. I refused to help out at home and insisted that I was the leader in my family. I was also very competitive. 

After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I helped out around the house. From mopping floors, buying groceries and cooking meals, to buying breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. As a Dafa practitioner, I also strive to be honest, kind and patient, to be considerate and treat others well. I've learned to search within and correct my failings. I now have compassion for family and friends and I've stopped pursuing fame and fortune.

My health is great! I try to do my best whatever work is assigned to me and I enjoy a close relationship with my family. I really have Master and Dafa to thank for my good fortune! I am determined to cultivate myself according to Master’s requirements and do well the three things!