(Minghui.org) I am a Dafa practitioner in mainland China, and my celestial vision is open. After Master published “On the General Election,” I saw Dafa practitioners overseas sending righteous thoughts around the clock in a relay. Practitioners in our region also participated, with each practitioner covering one hour. I have been in charge of the time period from 2 to 3 in the morning.

How serious is the battle between good and evil in the U.S. election? I'd like to share what I have seen in other dimensions in the past few days.

Day One

As soon as I settled down and began sending forth righteous thoughts, numerous golden energy clusters as big as fists burst forth from all over my body. On average, they went out three times a second, with a hundred or so clusters each time. The energy clusters came out one after another, and it was a magnificent sight. In the past, when sending righteous thoughts, I saw huge energy directly cover the entire universe. I had never seen such energy clusters before.

After 20 minutes, these energy clusters scattered in various spaces suddenly and simultaneously detonated. The golden energy instantly covered the entire universe evenly without missing a spot. This spectacular scene lasted 20 minutes, and I had never seen it before.

The last 20 minutes, my righteous thoughts covered the entire cosmos, searching for hidden evil. When I opened my eyes, it was exactly one hour. It happened all naturally–I did not open my eyes to look at the clock.

Day Two

I was busy all day. When it was my time to send forth righteous thoughts, I felt sleepy. But as soon as I began sending forth righteous thoughts, I became alert immediately, and my state was similar to day one.

The first stage was the energy clusters bursting out, followed by the detonation in the second stage and a third stage in which the energy was searching for evil. I thought the reason why my energy had to search for the evil in the last stage on day one was because my focus and concentration slackened, so I paid particular attention to the last stage on the second day. But everything remained the same: my energy went everywhere to search for the evil.

I became alert and traced my thoughts. I found that my righteous thoughts were chasing after the evil elements that had penetrated very deeply in the microcosm. There were remnants on pieces of paper and small objects. Even many microcosmic levels, invisible to the naked eye, were infiltrated. The evil elements were very deceitful and good at disguising themselves and feigning goodness. They were changing their appearance and disguising themselves at all times. So my righteous thoughts went after them one by one, very laboriously, because the evil elements attached to physical objects were not easily perceived.

When I finished, it was hard for me to calm down. I had no idea that the evil would be rampant to such an extent. Their erratic and deceitful ways had reached the point of pervasiveness. It was much more serious than I had expected. I shared my experiences with fellow practitioners. We decided to continue sending forth righteous thoughts and observe if there were any changes. Each of the next seven days were the same.

Because of my limited level, what I saw might not necessarily be the truth. I hesitated to write down what I saw, but fellow practitioners encouraged me to share it with others so that everyone can realize the importance of sending righteous thoughts for the U.S. election.

My Takeaways

This is what I’ve learned from my sending forth righteous thoughts:

Evil elements have infiltrated other dimensions very seriously. The range and depth of the infiltration in microcosmic dimensions are almost pervasive and more serious than expected. With such serious infiltration, if Dafa disciples aren’t able to eliminate the evil factors, it would be very hard for people to change proactively.

In addition, the evil in other dimensions is very deceitful. It can be said to combine all the sophistry of evil in one. They can change their appearance and form of existence anytime and anywhere. It will attach to everything that can be attached to.

Why did I send out energy clusters in the first stage? I realized that it was because the gong (spiritual power) itself is very intelligent and know that the evil elements are fickle, so the energy clusters silently got near them and detonated suddenly when the evil elements were not prepared. Although the evil elements are deceitful, our gong is much more intelligent.

Although the situation is serious, righteousness always prevails! Even though the evil is ever-changing, it is no match for our powerful field of righteous thoughts. Everyone must pay attention. Dafa disciples are very capable.

Many fellow practitioners who have not had their celestial vision opened and cannot feel their power tend to slack off and have less confidence in themselves. When we worked on rescuing fellow practitioners, many were not able to feel or see anything, but their power in other dimensions was enormous. We have to have confidence. Each and every Dafa disciple has powerful energy. Whether one can see in other dimensions is only one's cultivation state, and it does not affect one's energy or gong.

This is my understanding at my level. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.