(Minghui.org) I am over 70 years old this year, and completely free of illnesses. 

My friends and family who understand the truth of Falun Dafa say that it's all a blessing from my practice. They themselves have also received many blessings of their own. 

Here, I'd like to share some of my experiences and my family's experiences as a result of Master' Li's (Dafa's founder) compassion and Dafa's power. 

Dire Straits 

In the 1960s, my father was labeled as a rightist by the Chinese Communist  Party (CCP), and our family was forced to relocate from the city to the countryside. 

Every day, my father was assigned the most difficult and dirtiest farm work, while he was denounced and criticized publicly every night. Oftentimes, he wouldn't be able to return home until the break of dawn. Sometimes, he was also paraded through the streets wearing a dunce cap. 

Our whole family lived in a world of harsh discrimination. Under the great mental pressure, my mother fell seriously ill. On New Year's Eve of the same year we were banished, she passed away. 

Before she left us, she said, “If there's ever a day when your father's reputation is restored, come tell me when you burn incense at my grave.” 

She was only 42 years old at her death. 

In the 1970s, my father's unjust case was rectified, and our family returned to the city. My father resumed his original job and married another woman. After they retired, the elderly couple ran a kindergarten. They'd had a considerable income for more than ten years and a lot of savings. 

After my father passed away, there was an uproar in our family. The five siblings all wanted to compete with our stepmother for the family property. 

I thought that because our stepmother helped my father run his business as a partner for so many years, and because she had contributed so much to our father's savings, that she should be entitled to her portion of the family property. 

But my siblings didn't agree. They became disgusted with me, and even grew to hate me. Together, they severed the tie of sisterhood with me; they stopped associating with me completely. I became very sad. My spirit had almost collapsed. I fell into a deep depression where each passing day felt like a year. 

A Magical Dream

One night around that time, I had an amazing dream. In my dream, I clearly saw Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara descending from the heavens. When she came to me, she told me to go to heaven with her. But I refused her, saying that my child was still young. 

The Bodhisattva disappeared. Suddenly, a huge red silk ribbon dropped from the sky to the ground, instantly shaping itself into a stage. Both sides of the stage were decorated with red silk ribbons and lights of different colors. There were also four large lanterns hanging on each side, all very beautiful. 

To me, this scene meant there was going to be a show playing in China. 

Soon after, I happily obtained Falun Dafa. 

In 1997, right after I obtained Falun Dafa’s main book Zhuan Falun, I opened it and read it eagerly. The first lecture was titled "Truly Taking You to Greater Spiritual Heights”—when I read these words, they were shining with a golden light so bright that I was unable to open my eyes. 

I immediately went to see a fellow practitioner, who said that my inborn quality was very good. She then asked me to go to the practice site to learn the exercises. I went to the park to find the practice site, but I wasn't able to see anyone. I was anxious. Suddenly, an old lady came and told me that there were many people practicing Falun Daf in the furniture market. I was so happy and could not wait to go there.

At that moment, I saw a young man squatting on the riverbank not far away, wearing a light blue tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers on his feet. He had a stately figure and dignified features. 

When I approached him, he immediately got up; he was quite tall, around 6'8”. He started to run, and I got an insuppressible feeling that I should follow him. He ran for more than a mile, leading me to a big practice site at the furniture market. When we arrived, he seemed to have disappeared. 

After I finished my exercises, I went home and opened Zhuan Falun and saw the author's photo in the book. It was only then I realized that the young man who led me to the practice site was Master. 

I thought the cultivation of Dafa was so amazing. I was filled with immense happiness. I had Master, who gave me all these good things! 

When I read Zhuan Falun, Master opened my celestial eye. Every word in the book, including the radicals and punctuation marks, is one of Master’s law bodies with blue hair and a yellow cassock. Behind each word, there were many layers of Buddhas, Taos and gods. 

I had the profound realization that Falun Dafa was indeed the true Buddha Fa. I happily said to Master, “Master, you've nurtured this sprout of mine and made sure it's planted in fertile soil. I want to make sure it takes root and bears fruit.” 

I was determined to cultivate Falun Dafa to the very end. 

Resolving Grievances and Saving Family Members

In Zhuan Falun, Master taught us to be good people in every social context. I wanted to follow Mater's instructions, starting with my family relationships. 

My eldest sister's son got married, so I took the initiative to attend his wedding. My sisters and brothers still ignored me, and my eldest brother-in-law even yelled at me.

After returning home, I reminded myself that I am a cultivator and a person who understands the principles of theuniverse. I wanted to maintain a magnanimous attitude and not treat the situation like an ordinary person; I wanted to use my compassion obtained from Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to influence others and resolve these grievances.

I bought some expensive gifts and went to visit my eldest sister. She was a little embarrassed after seeing me. 

"I practice Falun Dafa, and I must let you know that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is how people can be saved from the hardships of this world; it teaches people to cultivate their hearts and to be kind,” I told her. 

My words came from the bottom of my heart. 

“This is why I came to see you again.” 

She was touched by my words. 

"You have done so well. Let all the grudges and grievances we had before go, and let's talk like we did before." 

Later, I met my other siblings at my brother's home. We were able to resolve our differences. 

At that time, the CCP had begun its persecution of Falun Dafa. So I told them the truth about Falun Dafa. My siblings were very understanding.

“Falun Dafa is so good and you are so kind,” one of them said. “We thought that the reason that you didn't compete with your stepmother for the family property was you wanted more shares to yourself. We really misunderstood you.”

Later, we often gathered together at my brother’s home. I told them the importance of the three withdrawals so that they can guarantee themselves a safe future and a clean conscience. At the same time, I gave out copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and booklets of Falun Dafa's facts. After they understood the truth of the situation, everyone quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I gave them Dafa amulets, and they benefited from their righteous decisions. 

My eldest brother-in-law had diabetes and lumbar disc herniations. I told him to recite the two phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” 

He recited them every day, and his body quickly recovered. He is now over seventy years old and very healthy.

My younger brother runs his own business. Once, he was cheated by a manufacturer and lost tens of thousands of yuan. He was very angry. He found me and asked me to help him find a way to get the money back. 

“If the money is yours, you will not lose it; if the money is not yours, you won't get it even if you fight for it,” I told him. “You don't have to fight for it. You believe in Dafa. Everything will work out in the end.” 

He carried a Dafa amulet with him and went to the manufacturer to ask for money. After getting there, things went smoothly. He only had to say a few words, and the manufacturer paid him back the money. He was very happy when he returned.

“This Dafa is so powerful,” he said, clearly moved. “I went to ask for money several times and never got it. This time I got my money back without much effort. I am so grateful to Master Li!”

After witnessing the power of Falun Dafa from our family members, my younger sister has also stepped into Falun Dafa practice as well. 

Master Saves Me from Prison

In 2012, when I was distributing Falun Dafa materials, I was reported to police by a passerby. I was persecuted by the CCP and detained at a labor camp. 

On the day I was imprisoned, a prison guard placed unknown drugs into my meal, which caused me to be dizzy and sleepy all day long. However, I was not allowed to sleep. In the end, I developed symptoms of cerebral thrombosis, and I was forced to have an injection. During the process, an unknown drug was added, which caused me to become numb and have a heart attack. I have never had heart attacks in the past. 

A guard took me to the prison hospital for emergency treatment. After arriving at the hospital, the guard said to the doctor that I would not give up my practice. The doctor told me to go back to prison. Thus, I returned without treatment.

I was tortured to the extent that I would rather die than live. When I was in extreme pain, my celestial eye saw Master coming to get me in a car. I called for Master to help me, and I ran to Master. Then I saw Master purifying my body. 

My body returned to normal the next day. Someone in the cell asked me how I recovered so quickly. I told everyone that Master’s Law Body came last night and saved my life. From then on, I have been in perfect health. 

Thank you, great Master! Thank you, Falun Dafa!