(Minghui.org) Following the U.S. election day in the U.S. on November 3, although I reminded myself that I am a cultivator, my mood still fluctuated with the various circumstances of the election.

After a period of time, especially after studying Master's latest scripture “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference” repeatedly, I feel that I now have a more rational and clearer understanding and I can better control my state of mind.

How the politics of the world develops is up to the divine's will. We are walking on the path of godhood. Our mission is to save people. In the battle between righteous and evil, we should rationally spread the truth and help sentient beings better position themselves.

At no time and under no pretext should we allow ourselves to be identified with the thoughts and deeds of certain people in a certain Party. We are Dafa disciples. We must not be mired in ordinary people's politics or regard ourselves as ordinary people. We must walk the path right. 

Yesterday, I happened to read the “Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting” and felt that Master's teachings in 2009 on the issue of dismantling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have the same guidance for us practitioners now on how to deal with the US election today.

Master said:

“Don’t take the wicked CCP’s disintegration to be your goal. The CCP is nothing, and I have never seen it as cause for worry.”

“That’s all it is, so don’t give it so much weight or let your goals revolve around it. It’s not worthy. What you do is for saving sentient beings.”

“It was chosen because it is that bad, and it was created exactly like that. If Dafa disciples were to really focus what they do upon this entity itself, it would collapse, after which the factors of the old cosmos’s forces would then use something else to make trouble. The wicked CCP exists solely for this one purpose, and whether you go after it or not, it will fall apart. Once our Dafa disciples have completed the things that they are to do, it will fall apart for sure. But in the meantime, as good and evil collide, each life’s choice of where it stands, the path that each chooses, and the conduct of these sentient beings will determine where they head in the future. That’s how all this works.”

“You can expose the wicked CCP in your media efforts, but it should be done for the purpose of clearing things up for sentient beings so that they may be saved.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX) 

Isn't the situation in the U.S. election today very similar? No matter how fierce the contest between two Parties and two candidates is today, it is actually a test of every person in the world and an opportunity for every sentient being to position themselves in front of good and evil. 

At the time when the evil persecution of Dafa disciples was at its worst, Master told us not to take the disintegration of the evil Party as our goal and not to take the CCP seriously, but to focus our goal on saving people. The evil CCP was a part of the arrangement in history, so how is the chaos in the U.S. election today not purposefully arranged?

Many people fear that if a certain person is not elected, then democracy and freedom in the United States will cease to exist and the world will be controlled by the evil CCP. In fact, everything is under the divine's control. We can acknowledge people's concerns and worries and help them distinguish good from evil, but as practitioners, we must be very clear that everything is arranged by the Creator. No matter how things seem disorderly, but in fact, everything is in order and we should not let our emotions fluctuate like ordinary people.

From another perspective, we know from the Fa that now is near the end of the Fa-rectification. After the Fa-rectification is over, the Fa rectifies the human world. It is Master who will create all things anew for future people, including political systems. The system that people admire today is not necessarily the choice for the future.

As Dafa disciples, what we have to do is to clarify the truth, help ordinary people distinguish righteous from evil, and better position themselves. Our clarifying the truth about the persecution in the past 21 years wasn’t to win sympathy from people but to save them. Similarly, when we persuade people to quit the CCP, we are not engaged in politics, but saving people.

Likewise, when we use the U.S. election as an opportunity to clarify the truth today, we are not getting involved in partisan disputes, but are still for the same purpose to save people. What we want to do in any circumstances is just to save people.

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