(Minghui.org) Because of the coronavirus epidemic, very few tourists from China are currently visiting the local attractions. I thus began using the Internet to help Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I received a lot of positive feedback and learned that many netizens have broken through China's Internet blockade. They wished to learn about the true situation by reading overseas websites, and as a result they withdrew from the CCP organizations they had joined. Many who previously withdrew from the Party helped their family members quit the CCP.

I would like to share one of my most gratifying, recent conversations. One netizen with the net name “peasant” said that his village chief led the entire village to quit the CCP. I was deeply moved. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Peasant: “We’re peasants and we’re not well educated. We’ve jumped over the Internet wall in order to quit the CCP.”

Overseas Volunteer: “You can post your withdrawal statement here and we can forward it for you.”

Peasant: “Encouraged by our village chief, everyone in our village has quit the CCP. A good person in our county helped us and posted it on the Epoch Times website. We thank that kind person. Falun Dafa is good!

Overseas Volunteer: “Congratulations! Just a reminder that people who joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, two of the CCP youth organizations, also need to renounce their memberships, even if they no longer belong due to the age limit. When they joined they vowed to fight for communism their entire lives. By making this vow they've devoted their lives to the CCP.

Peasant: “We are simple, uneducated peasants. We don’t want the CCP’s bad luck, so we’ve quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Our village chief said, ‘Quit completely so you won't be held responsible for the CCP's crimes.’ We believe him. We are suffering under the CCP. We won’t support the bad guys. Maybe after the entire country quits the CCP, it will be finished. We are looking forward to that day. Then we peasants can live like human beings, with dignity. Falun Dafa is good!

Overseas Volunteer: “You are quite thoughtful. Farmers in other countries own their farms. The CCP owns everything in China and abuses people. It harms peasants and robs people of their dignity. The CCP is now being eliminated. Those who don't quickly wake up may be held responsible for their crimes.”

“You are simple and good people, and the gods are looking after you. Please thank your village chief, who helped so many villagers to quit the CCP and be saved. He’s done a great thing and will be blessed.”