(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in October 2019. I am 62 years old.

I deeply cherish this amazing cultivation opportunity! I directly stepped into Fa-rectification and immediately devoted myself to the project of clarifying the truth and saving people. Besides joining the local group Fa study and practicing the exercises, I also squeeze in time to read Master Li Hongzhi’s other lectures so that I can catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification as soon as possible.

Breaking through the Lockdown

The community where our local Fa-study is held was quarantined in early February. People outside the community could not enter. They had to have their IDs checked, their temperatures taken, register, and follow a set of procedures. The first thing we discussed was how to break through this interference. Some practitioners remembered reading articles on Minghui.org where practitioners carrying many truth-clarifying materials approached the community gate while sending righteous thoughts to ask Master to help them. They held out their arms to have their temperatures taken, and then directly walked through without being asked for IDs. We were inspired and decided to continue our activities.

Practitioners from our local Fa-study group never skipped a single meeting since the beginning of February. They entered the community smoothly by sending righteous thoughts. Our group study, exchange of cultivation experiences, and getting truth-clarification materials went on as usual. By attending our Fa-study meetings I was able to keep up with developments, including the submission for this year’s Minghui Falun Dafa Day Experience Sharing Conference. The other practitioners encouraged everyone to submit an experience sharing article.

Helping People During the Pandemic

I have also participated in projects to distribute materials that tell people the facts. I not only distributed in the residential communities and on the streets, but I also sent materials directly to those I thought need to be saved. For example, my daughter’s elementary school teacher is very kind. She not only read all the materials I gave her, she also asked for the book Zhuan Falun and read it four or five times in a very short time. She even began memorizing the Fa.

People are anxious to know the truth and are looking for answers during the pandemic. Even though I’m a new practitioner, I feel it’s not an accident that I was able to begin practicing Falun Dafa at this historic moment. I cherish this precious opportunity and will discipline myself to do well.

Tribulations Offer Cultivation Opportunities

My family experienced some major changes last year. First, my husband and then my mother died, months apart. I also faced a test regarding family relationships. After my husband died, my sister faked a will and tried to claim some of the family’s real estate, and my husband’s family fought over the property. It was truly heartbreaking, and a xinxing test for me about family and self-interest.

I handled the situation as a practitioner and did not compete for the property with relatives who are ordinary people. I did not care about my own losses. Instead, I kindly persuaded relatives and friends to be good people and to avoid creating more karma for themselves. Even though the situation isn’t resolved yet, I will try my best to resolve the grievances with kindness.