(Minghui.org) When two of my relatives, husband and wife, were arrested for practicing Falun Gong, I helped to rescue them.

The whole process lasted about a year. Under Master Li Hongzhi's (Falun Dafa's founder) protection and support from fellow practitioners, we successfully managed to get the wife released and the husband's sentence greatly reduced.

One of the lawyers commented that our work has had a great effect, as we have helped many people working in law enforcement and the judicial system to learn more about Falun Dafa.

How Events Unfolded

I received a call in early spring of 2018 from the daughter of my relatives. She was crying when she told me that her parents had been arrested. She went to her parents’ home and saw that the rooms had been turned upside down and the computer, Dafa books, and informational materials had been confiscated.

The couple and I are the only Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioners in the family. They lived in another city. I was busy with work, so I couldn’t drive there right away. I reassured her over the phone, and then contacted the couple's local practitioners.

My relatives were persecuted for their belief years ago, and I was really distressed when it happened. But this time, I remained composed and kept telling myself, “Stay calm! You're the one their child now relies on.”

But I still felt a large black substance pressing down on me, and I felt as if I could hardly breathe. I remembered that the wife had told me not long before that the old forces put a thought in her mind that they were planning to kill her. I realized that they must be facing a huge tribulation this time.

I knew that the first thing I should do was to hire a lawyer, but I'd never hired one before and didn’t know how. I contacted the local practitioners in that city and hoped that they could hire a lawyer instead, but they politely declined and asked me to contact one myself.

I was a little upset, thinking that the local practitioners would usually hire the lawyers. But recalling this now, I am ashamed of my selfishness.

A Lawyer for the Wife

I contacted several law firms and successfully hired a lawyer for the detained wife. I realized that if I kept my thoughts righteous, Master would always take care of us.

The local practitioners and the detained couple's daughter accompanied the lawyer to the police station, police department, and detention center. They were treated badly at every stop.

The lawyer had worked with practitioners before and said that he felt the field was very evil and reminded the practitioners to send more righteous thoughts.

The lawyer went to the detention center three times and eventually met the detained wife, who told him that she and her husband had been reported to the police for talking to people about Falun Gong. They were arrested, and their house was searched. The wife had severe sickness karma in the police station but was still treated roughly by the police. The lawyer applied for medical parole but it was denied.

The lawyer, the detained couple's daughter, and I went to the police station a week later to look for the officer responsible for the case. We waited for a long time to see him. We told him the detained wife's life was in danger and requested that she be released on medical parole, but he was very rude, refused to listen, and quickly left.

We went back to the police station again later that evening and again requested that the wife be released on medical parole. The officer on duty said that the officer in charge of the case wasn't there and then answered a call.

After we left the police station, the lawyer gave me the phone number that he’d noted down when the officer took the call. He suggested that it might be the number of the officer in charge of the case or one of his superiors.

I sent the number to overseas practitioners who called it and tried to clarify the truth to the person on the other end. The person who answered the phone quickly hung up.

Because we couldn’t get more information about th officer in charge of the case, we discussed with the local practitioners and decided to write a letter to him and other officers in the police station.

I wrote the letter and modified it three times. I tried to explain the truth with compassion and let go of complaint and hatred.

The daughter and I went to the police station to give them the letters, and some legal documents we’d collected proving the legality of practicing Falun Gong. While we were waiting for the officer in charge of the case, we saw a couple who were reporting that their daughter had been trafficked.

The couple showed the police convincing evidence—and even the phone number of the trafficker—but the police still refused to file the case. However, they used all of their resources to suppress Falun Gong practitioners. We realized how important it was to clarify the truth about Dafa to them.

We were told that many lawyers admire Dafa and advocate for justice on behalf of Falun Gong practitioners regularly. They were also able to endure hardship, frequently traveling between the police stations, detention centers, procuratorate, and courts, and not being treated fairly when they got there. They lived frugally and tried to keep their costs to a minimum. They were well-spoken and honest in their daily lives.

A Lawyer for the Husband

The local practitioners hired a lawyer for the detained husband. They said that he would be great for the job, but right after they signed the contract the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) suddenly withdrew his license to practice law. Nevertheless, he still came.

We accompanied the lawyer to the police station. When the lawyer went to look for the people in charge, several officers blocked him and quarreled with him. He didn’t lose his temper and calmly settled them down. Then he told them about Falun Gong according to the law, human rights, and culture.

We went to the city police department that afternoon to visit the Domestic Security Division. It was difficult to find them because they didn’t have a sign outside their office. But the lawyer took us to search the whole department. I joked with him that he was taking us on a sightseeing tour.

I was ashamed, however, that it was an everyday person who led us practitioners to search the police department.

Finally, police officers from both the Domestic Security Division and the Public Security Division received us and accepted our documents, including family members’ letters, documents that showed that practicing Falun Gong is legal, and the lawyer’s documents. We then went to the procuratorate and submitted the relevant documents there.

Many local practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for us that day, and everything went smoothly. We managed to submit six packs of Dafa information and regretted that we didn’t take more informational materials with us. The lawyer commented, “The more we can save, the better!”

This really touched me, and I felt deeply ashamed that I, as a Dafa practitioner, needed to be encouraged by an everyday person. It's a pity that this brave lawyer still hasn’t started practicing Falun Dafa, although he had been searching for a way out from a mundane world for years.

Some practitioners suggested that he might still have a mission to fulfill in the everyday society and certain gods might be keeping him from attaining the Fa.

If such a righteous person still can't become a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, all the more so should we, Dafa practitioners, feel extremely fortunate and cherish our predestined relationship with the Fa.

Meeting Both Practitioners

After hiring a lawyer for each of the detained practitioners, we set about arranging meetings with them.

I took the coach to that city in the afternoon and came back late the following night. Before I set out I had to arrange a time and place to meet the lawyers, contact local practitioners to arrange transport, and find a place to stay.

After that, I wrote letters for each detained practitioner, which included the progress report of the things they asked me to do and encouragement from aspects of the Fa. I also added some legal documents that I’d found online that help could support their cases.

I gave the materials to the lawyers and asked them to pass them to the detained husband and wife. I booked a room in a nearby restaurant, where several local practitioners and I could meet and send forth righteous thoughts while the lawyers went to meet the detained couple.

When the lawyers returned, I paid them their fees and treated them to a meal. While we ate we talked about their meetings and discussed what we should do next.

I had to do this with each lawyer in turn, meaning, I had to repeat the process at the restaurant twice, because the lawyers were not allowed to meet with their clients at the same time.

After I returned home, I wrote articles to expose the perpetrators for the Minhghui website and sent the names the detained practitioners had collected of those who agreed to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

The lawyers were able to meet with the detained practitioners once a month, so I did this every month. It really tired me out.

I had planned to stop traveling to that city and meeting with the lawyers, but when I thought of the hardship the couple as going through and the importance of organizing the local practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts, I persevered and endured that little bit of hardship.

Looking Inward

I had originally planned to participate in another Dafa project to help save people, but that had to be put on hold while I was dealing with this. I complained to myself about it all, until one day I thought of Master’s Fa.

“Everything you, a cultivator, encounter is related to your cultivation and Consummation, or else those things absolutely would not exist.” (“Dafa Is All-Encompassing,” Essentials for Further Advancement II).

One time as I traveled back and forth to meet the lawyers it poured. I was soaking wet and exhausted on the coach journey home.

I opened the letters from the detained husband and wife. I read them and saw that they both complained about me. My heart was truly hurt. I thought, “I've always tried my best to help by enduring such hardship, paying the lawyers’ fees, and organizing other practitioners to help.”

I told the couple's daughter that I wouldn't pay for the lawyers anymore but would still participate in the rescue efforts. She said, “I hope you won’t blame them. They are in the demon's den. It's understandable that their mental state is not as good as before. When someone is doing a good thing, even the beneficiary doesn’t know, but the others will, and Heaven will. Why are you upset?”

Her words calmed me down. How could a child have said that? It must have been a hint from Master.

Although my intention was good, and I was eager to help the couple let go of their attachments and get released as soon as possible, I neglected to find my own attachments of envy and seeking appreciation. I was very grateful to Master for giving me the chance to correct myself and improve my xinxing.

A fellow practitioner in my city later offered to drive me to the other city, which meant that I was less tired. But the driver must have been very tired, with all that driving and getting home so late after dropping me off.

When I let go of my attachments, the detained couple also seemed grateful for what I had done for them.

Sending Righteous Thoughts

Throughout the whole process, I found that it was very important to send forth righteous thoughts for the detained practitioners. One time, many practitioners participated and the detained couple said that they could feel the effect.

Sometimes, I was badly bitten by mosquitoes and didn’t concentrate well when sending righteous thoughts. Another time, I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose was running for a whole day.

I could feel a field of heavy negative substances, but that inspired me to continue sending righteous thoughts, as I knew that a big battle was taking place in other dimensions. The better we did in sending righteous thoughts, the more we could alleviate the pressure on the couple.

As a result of fellow practitioners’ sending righteous thoughts and our improvement in xinxing, the couple and their lawyers all did very well at the court hearing. They clarified the truth and shocked the people in the court.

The wife has now been released, and the husband’s prison term was greatly reduced.

Many touching things happened during this rescue process. The above are only a few examples.

I sincerely thank Master and fellow practitioners for the chance they gave me to help me improve my xinxing during this incident.