(Minghui.org) My husband, 74, suffered prostatitis in March 2019 and had difficulty urinating. To make things worse, he had infections due to a medical accident after his surgery. The doctor also had to use a urinary catheter on him on and off, and the repeated insertion and removal of the catheter caused him tremendous pain and stress. 

After he was finally stabilized and discharged from the hospital, he still couldn’t fall asleep at night and further developed depression. 

Our son took my husband to a psychiatric hospital. For the next two years, he had to take psychiatric drugs every day. But then we ran into a dilemma. When he took the depression drugs, they affected his urination. But when he stopped taking them temporarily, his depression worsened to the point that he became suicidal. 

I persuaded him to learn Falun Dafa. He agreed. After a month of doing the exercises, both his depression and urination improved. He also regained his appetite and gradually put on some weight. He no longer had suicidal thoughts and became more optimistic about life. He is grateful to Master for giving him a new life and he vows to practice Dafa diligently.