Shen Yun Spreads “Beauty and Hope” Across North America During the New Year

Shen Yun Performing Arts' six touring companies performed in cities across the United States and Canada during and after the New Year. Reflecting on why the performance resonates so strongly, one Canadian musician commented, “The dancing is excessively beautiful and overwhelming... And with the music on top of it, it’s a balm for the heart.”

2018 Year in Review: Increased Global Efforts in Ending the Decades-Long Persecution of Falun Gong

Highlights of the past year include the award-winning documentary film Letter from Masanjia, a cultivation experience-sharing conference in Washington, D.C. attended by nearly 10,000 practitioners from 56 countries, and additional voices from the international community calling for an end to the persecution in China that continued into its 19th year.

Washington D.C.: Tourists Learn Meditative Exercises at National Mall

Practitioners put up banners and displayed Falun Dafa information while doing the Dafa exercises. Many tourists from China learned the facts about Falun Dafa and why the communist party has suppressed this peaceful practice. One tourist from Beijing remarked, “Talking with you and getting to know about Falun Dafa is the biggest achievement during my trip,” he said, “I think I will definitely give the practice a try.”

A Teacher's Unusual Lesson Before Retirement

A high-school teacher gets a surprise from her students and then tells an important story to them on the last day of teaching her class.

How My Life of Despair Changed

An elderly practitioner shares her story of how she got rid of an incurable disease and her bad habits. She attributes her many blessings to her practice of Falun Dafa.

My Faith Never Wavered After a Car Crash

People were touched by a practitioner's kindness and her consideration for others after she was hit by a car on her bike.

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