Congratulatory Letter

To the Dafa disciples attending the Epoch Times and NTD Experience Sharing Conference: Greetings to you all! Your companies were established when the evil was at its wildest, and you have had the greatest possible impact in providing the truth at a time when it is essential to people. You have made it through the toughest phase. You strike fear into the evil ones, while at the same time giving hope to good people everywhere.

(Team Yellow Translation)

A Congratulatory Message

To the Dafa disciples attending the Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty Fa conference: Greetings! You were established when the evil was at the height of its madness, you have had the biggest impact at a time when the world’s people need to understand the truth, you have made it through the greatest of hardships, you have struck fear into the evil, and you have allowed the good people of the world to see hope.

(Team Blue Translation)

Publication of List of 100,000+ Perpetrators Augments Multi-Front Effort to End Persecution of Falun Gong

Earlier this month, published a list of 105,580 perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Falun Gong practitioners are requesting visa denial and freezing of assets of these human rights violators. This and other efforts serve as a warning to CCP officials and others involved in the persecution: sooner or later, justice will be served. 

Shandong Woman Sentenced to Four Years for Her Faith, Dies Six Months into Prison Term

A retired businesswoman was twice given forced labor and twice imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong. She died in custody in September 2019, eighteen months after her eighth and last arrest.

Toronto, Canada: Falun Dafa Practitioners Participate in Four Christmas Parades in Two Days

Many spectators learned about Falun Dafa after watching the practitioners perform.

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