The most recent collection of Master Li Hongzhi's poems, Hong Yin (V) has now been published in English. This translation is from Team Blue.

Image for article Three Remarkable Recoveries from the Wuhan Virus

Traditional Chinese culture believes that mind and body are the same and that a person with kind thoughts will be blessed. A Falun Dafa practitioner in France tells how her aunt, her tenant, and her uncle's friend recovered from the coronavirus by reciting, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Image for article No Longer Lost and Confused

"I lived a good life in other people's eyes. However, I faintly knew in my heart that this was just going along for the ride and for an ill purpose. It was all empty.” 

Image for article A Young Woman Defies the Communist Tyranny with Her Faith and Courage

While studying in the U.K. a woman who’d grown up in China and been taught to believe that spiritual belief was “superstitious” was so impressed by a meditating practitioner that she investigated Falun Gong for herself and started to practice it. She chose to return to China and is now incarcerated.

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