The most recent collection of Master Li Hongzhi's poems, Hong Yin (V) has now been published in English. This translation is from Team Blue.

Image for article Woman Loses Family and Retirement Benefits After 12 Years of Imprisonment for Her Faith

"I tremble whenever I think about my now 25-year-old child who was torn away from his mother at the age of 4; my own mother in her 80s, who has lived in fear and worried about me every single day in the past two decades..."

Image for article Abandon Communism to Embrace a Bright Future for Humankind

"The CCP's unscrupulous conduct... [has] prompted people to realize that we must not hold any more illusions about the CCP; we must make a clean break with communism like the people in Eastern Europe have done and completely clear out the toxic influence of communism in the international community."

Image for article Finland: Outdoor Activities Draw Support for Falun Gong

College student: “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are such good values. I need them, especially Forbearance.” 

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