Image for article U.S. Secretary of State: “The True Face of the Chinese Communist Party Has Been Exposed”

In a recent interview, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the world to “keep up this drumbeat demanding simply that the Chinese Communist Party permit people to exercise their God-given rights to practice ... their faith in the way that they so choose.”

Image for article Falun Dafa Practitioners in South India Clarify the Truth at 24th National Book Fair

Practitioners introduced Dafa at the National Book Fair in Pondicherry, with many dignitaries attending. Government officials told practitioners that they hoped Dafa could be introduced at all schools in the area. 

Image for article Cultivating Myself to Eliminate Communist Party Culture

A practitioner realized he still had longtime bad habits of looking down on others, selfishness, and a fighting mentality.

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