Image for article Hunan Woman Dies 17 Months into Second Prison Term for Upholding Her Faith

A 65-year-old woman died in the same prison where she was held years before for practicing Falun Gong. While it remains to be investigated what she endured during her second prison term, it is known that she was brutally tortured the first time around.

Image for article Sydney, Australia: Rally Supports Chinese Quitting the CCP, Urges All to Reject Communism

“Not only should all Western countries say no to the CCP, they need to join forces in rejecting the regime, just like getting rid of the CCP virus,” said a human rights activist who spoke at the rally. 

Image for article Practitioners in Chiayi, Taiwan Hold All-Day Fa Study

Falun Dafa practitioners from Chiayi, Taiwan, held an all-day {{Fa}} study at Hexing Elementary School in Chiayi County. Over the course of the day together, the practitioners expressed their gratitude to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, for his boundless saving grace. 

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