Image for article A Holistic View: Are We Able to Prevent Another Disaster Like Coronavirus Pandemic? — Part 2: A Mysterious Virus — Where Did It Start?

Unable to cover up the coronavirus outbreak anymore, the Chinese Communist Party shifted the narrative and attempted to blame the U.S. as the origin of the virus. Part 2 covers both the U.S. and China origin theories.

Image for article A New China Is Only Possible with the Demise of the CCP

A few examples from modern history show how the Chinese Communist Party controls people's thoughts to maintain its rule.

Image for article Remembering Not to Slack Off So Dafa Doesn't Pass You By

Submerged in the attachments to fame and gain and gripped by a cellphone addiction, a young practitioner wakes up to realize how far he had drifted from Dafa. 

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