Image for article Canada: Elected Officials and Dignitaries Support Falun Dafa and Object to the Persecution on Human Rights Day (3)

A webinar was held to commemorate International Human Rights Day. MPs, lawyers, including human rights lawyer David Matas, and former Secretary of State David Kilgour, spoke at the event.

Image for article Report: Dominion Machines “Intentionally and Purposefully Designed With Inherent Errors”

Editor’s note: Humanity is at a historic moment. In the face of the fast changing and complicated worldly affairs, it is morality and conscience that can help people understand what has been going on and take the correct actions. It is the most basic of all. Conscience is bestowed by heaven and an innate trait everyone has. One doesn’t need a degree or use any scientific method to develop conscience, which also has nothing to do with one ...

Image for article Washington DC Parade, People With Morality Are Stepping Out

People from all races and walks of life who love the United States of America have stepped up to stop the election fraud. Grassroots organizations such as the Jericho March have sprung up all over the country.

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