Image for article 80-year-old Woman Dies of Heart Attack Due to Harassment for Her Faith

A retired factory worker was jailed for four years for practicing Falun Gong. The local police kept harassing her after she was released. She died on March 25, 2020, one month after several officers came to videotape and threaten her. 

Image for article Traveling to Beijing to Appeal for Falun Dafa: 58 Days, 1600 Miles on Foot (Part 1)

An account of a practitioner's will, determination, and unimaginable hardships and tribulations he encountered on his journey to stand up for Falun Dafa in 1999, right after the persecution started.

Image for article Young Practitioner: Overcoming My 10-year Addiction to Video Games

A 12-year-old became obsessed with playing video games. His academic performance suffered and his parents tried many ways to get him to quit. After he received a hint in a dream, he became encouraged to start practicing Falun Dafa and quit playing the games and improved his behavior.

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