Image for article After Losing His Wife, Daughter, and Daughter-in-law, 90-year-old Man Devastated to See His Son Perish in the Persecution

A family of Falun Gong practitioners lost four members in the 20-year persecution of their faith. Ms. Wang Liqun died hours after her arrest in 2006. Her sister-in-law died ten years later. Her mother-in-law died of grief, followed by her husband's recent death.

Image for article Her Son Still Jailed for His Faith, 84-year-old Woman Dies Two Months After Police Harassment

Despite intense pressure to renounce Falun Dafa, Ms. Fu Shuqin stood firm in her faith and also stood by her son, imprisoned for his belief. However, the latest round of police harassment left her traumatized.

Image for article Munich, Germany: People Ask What They Can Do to Help Stop the Persecution

After a practitioner explained that when democratic countries continue to appease the CCP, the Party can continue the persecution, a man agreed: “People should not remain silent and do nothing about it.”

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