Image for article Germany: Life-Changing Moments Brought About by Zhuan Falun

Zhuan Falun, the book containing the main teachings of Falun Dafa, was first published in China 25 years ago. A German edition was made available in 1998, and many people in German-speaking regions have benefited from it. German-speaking practitioners share their stories in the hopes of inspiring more people and helping others experience positive transformations.

Image for article Blessed Are Those Who Are Kind at Heart

A woman in her 70's looks back at her cultivation journey, where she overcame her initial concerns and fears to change her own life and the lives of her family.

Image for article Exposing and Eliminating the Attachment to Ego

A practitioner in China shares their recent cultivation journey: "The real goal [of looking inward] is to find the hidden human thinking and attachments via the conflicts, and to get rid of the attachments."

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